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Brazilian Butt Lift

Does your buttocks lack definition? Do you desire a larger, more shapely booty? Women with flat backsides often feel that their bodies lack the attractive, feminine curve they want. Schedule a consultation at our Pasadena Office.

Brazilian Butt Lift is the ideal procedure for women looking to enhance their butt but don’t want to use implants. By using fat transfer, the Brazilian Butt Lift shapes the booty using fat for natural and pleasing appearance.


People considering Brazilian Butt Lift should be in good health and have realistic expectations about their results. Since the Brazilian Butt Lift uses 100 percent patient-harvested fat, you must have excess deposits of fat along the abdomen, hips, thighs, or back. People without the necessary fat deposits may need to consider other options. Additional qualifications for a Brazilian Butt Lift candidate include:

  • Good skin elasticity
  • Desire for a larger, more shapely posterior

Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure

The Brazilian Butt Lift is a three-step process. It is performed as an outpatient procedure with the patient under general anesthesia. Fat transfer is used to create the desired butt size and shape.

Fat Harvesting

Your procedure begins with harvesting the fat required for transfer. Small incisions are placed at the donor site, and delicate liposuction removes the excess fat while preserving the cells. Conventional liposuction techniques are used to shape and define the donor areas to enhance the overall contour of your body.

Fat Purification

Once the necessary amounts of fat have been harvested, the cells go through a purification process that removes blood, oils, and other harmful products from the tissue. During this process, weak fat cells are broken down and eliminated, leaving only the strongest fatty tissue for transfer.

Fat Injection

The fat is carefully grafted into the buttock using a syringe. When possible, Dr. O’Toole uses the natural folds of the butt crease to insert the needle, avoiding any visible scarring. The fat is grafted in fine, even layers to better sculpt the butt and increase its size.


Initially, you will experience bruising, swelling, and redness of the liposuction site and your buttocks. You will not be able to lie, sit, or place any pressure on your backside for two weeks. Modified sitting, lying, and small amounts of pressure may occur for up to six weeks. You will limit all physical activities during this time. Most patients are fully healed and back to their regular routines after two months.


Some volume may be lost in the first six to eight months. Typically, the fat that remains after a year is permanent. While most patients achieve pleasing results the first time, multiple treatments may be necessary to achieve your desired size or shape.


Great care is taken to place incisions in natural creases of the body. Fat injections usually don’t result in any visible scarring. However, you may develop mild scarring at your liposuction sites. This scarring is likely to fade over time.

If you are ready to see how a Brazilian Butt Lift can transform your appearance, schedule a consultation with Dr. O’Toole today. You can call our office at 626-671-1756 or contact us online.

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