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Read about how Dr. Martin O’Toole and the compassionate, highly trained staff at his Pasadena and Beverly Hills-area plastic surgery practice have changed the lives of their patients. These testimonials demonstrate our commitment to excellence in everything we do.

What Our Patients are Saying

“ Dr. O’Toole,

I cannot begin to say thank you enough for all that you have done for me. Five Years ago I made the best decision of my life by coming into your office and deciding to have my boobs done. They look sooo amazing and I get so many compliments I could not wait to get my tummy done as well. You are an amazing doctor. I have referred many people to you and will continue to do so. You and your staff are exceptional. You go above and beyond any expectation I ever had. Without you, there would be no Pasadena Cosmetic Surgery!

- Thanks for everything

“ Dr. O’Toole and Staff -

Thank you so much – you guys are the breast, I mean best 🙂 All through junior high and high school I was teased because I was flat as a wall. Luckily I found a husband who loved me for me and not my body. But now. Thanks to you, I feel beautiful on the outside as well as the inside. Thank you for making me life – long wishes a reality!

- Take Care

“ Dr. O’Toole,

Thanks to your knowledge and skilled hands.
I now have confidence and happiness within me 🙂

- Arcenia 02/08/2010

“ Sarah,

Thanks so much for all of your help during Jennifer’s surgery. You really helped to make it as comfortable as possible for her, and her family. Thanks for arranging our hotel accommodations, that was a great help.

Your pleasant personality made us feel at east. You are truly an asset to Dr. O’Toole and practice. I would highly recommend Dr. O’Toole and the Santa Teresita team to anyone cencendring surgery. The whole staff was very kind and caring throughout Jennifer’s time at the hospital.

Thanks Again + may God Bless you!

- Cherye & Jennifer

“ Sarah,

I just wanted to express my thanks for helping make my experience with Dr. O’Toole so much more pleasant. Your compassionate personality and cheerful demeanor are very comforting and it make my visit more relaxed. You really do have an uplifting spirit, which tends to make others around you more upbeat. That is a rare quality that we could all use more of. I’m going to Rio next week, and I’ll bring back some beads for you!

Take Care

- Steve

“ Dr. O’Toole

I just wanted to thank you for your involvement in helping me reschedule my surgery. Speaking to you yesterday on the phone wasn’t what I expected meanwhile it goes to show you do have a genuine concern for your patients.

Thanks again I feel a lot more assured about things being around for two weeks instead of just one week. I am sure you agree.

Thank & God Bless you

- Paul

“ Dear Dr. O’Toole,

I would like to express my gratitude for your kindness. I am so very humbled that you would give so much of your time to perform my surgery with Dr. Lehfeldt Thank you for helping a mother of seven to feel better about herself. Even after having surgery it still does not seem real to me. Thank your life long preparation. I am so very grateful to you.

With appreciation,

- Ruth

“ Dear Sarah,

We just wanted to say “Thank You” for always so nice and patient and professional with us. Mary is very happy with her lips. Thank you for all that you have done.

Your Friends

- Gary & Mary 08/18/2005

“ Dr. O’Toole.

Thank you very very much you have made a huge difference in my life. Words are not enough to tell you how much happier and grateful I am.

Thank you!

- Alex

“ Dr. O’Toole

Thank you so much, for everything you have done for me. You are the best doctor!

- Salpy 12/01/2009

“ I can’t thank you enough for all you have done for us.

My husband and I had gastric bypass surgery 4 years ago. I thought that was the best surgery until I had my abdominoplasty and breast reduction. I feel that completed what I had set out to achieve. Four months after my surgery my husband had an extended abdominoplasty. He looks and feels wonderful. We are like a couple of newlyweds after almost 40 years of marriage. The mirror is my constant companion!

Your staff has been very patient and understanding with us and all of our questions. Jo has been there every step of the way. I can’t thank you enough for all you have done for us. Dr. O’Toole has also been very patient with us. We never felt rushed by him. I would feel very comfortable recommending Dr. O’Toole to anyone. In fact, I am looking forward to my future surgery in October. This was truly a gift to myself. Thank you for everything.

- J. & M.

“ …you have a very caring spirit and hands.

Dear Dr. O’Toole and Jo,

I just wanted to say “thanks much” for taking good care of me. My incision is healing very well. I really appreciate your bringing up “sorry I hurt you.” You have a very caring spirit and hands.

- J.

“ He gave me the reassurance that a man needs to make the choice…

Being a man in my mid-50s, I never thought I would use BOTOX® injections. I had tried for over eight years to become a foreman at my work and was constantly passed over. Several times while at work, my co-workers would come by and ask me why I was mad. I never thought much about that until my grandchildren began to ask my wife, “Why is grandpa mad?” My son-in-law was over and even asked me the same question.

My wife said that I would scowl often. I was unaware that my family and co-workers were feeling this way.

My wife had been seeing Dr. O’Toole and suggested I come in for a consultation. I came in last summer and had my first BOTOX® treatment. It did make a difference and it made me feel better about myself. After the second treatment I applied again for the foreman position at work and got the job. I wish to thank Dr. O’Toole for discussing the problem and solution with me. He gave me the reassurance that a man needs to make the choice to change the impression he gives other people by using BOTOX® injections. It is no different than going to a gym to work out to make yourself look better and have a better build. Thank you!

- R.D.

“ Dr. O’Toole… has changed my life forever.

I am the happiest patient of Dr. O’Toole’s. I feel blessed to have met Dr. O’Toole because he has changed my life forever. After having breast reduction surgery, my physical pain went away and I regained my self-confidence. It changed my complete look and I am getting so many compliments from family members, friends and co-workers. I can’t thank Dr. O’Toole enough for awesome care and his staff made me feels so special. Dr. O’Toole took his time to explain all the details about the surgery and I didn’t face any surprises or complications. Dr. O’Toole is the most professional, caring, kindest and devoted doctor that I had ever known. He made me look the way that I dreamed I saw myself. I strongly recommend all of my friends and family to Dr. O’Toole.

- A.E.S.

“ I was very pleased with the care…

As an RN, I was very pleased with the care – both pre- and post-operatively. The Huntington Outpatient Surgery Center was also exceptional having worked in an out patient unit, I can attest to this.

- B.H.

“ I couldn’t be happier with the outcome.

From the moment I walked into Dr. O’Toole’s office I was treated with the utmost respect and kindness. Everyone was so nice and efficient. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. I am a gastric bypass patient, and Dr. O’Toole was very familiar with the outcome of the surgery. He was patient and kind and answered all my questions. I am totally “in love” with my new breasts and couldn’t be happier with the work he did from start to finish. I would recommend Dr. O’Toole to anyone.

- C.S.

“ You guys do a great job.

Your office staff made me feel very comfortable. The pre-operative packet is informative and has easy to follow instructions. Dr. O’Toole has a great sense of humor which made my experience very comfortable. I can’t express how pleased I am with everything. You guys do a great job.

- G.S.

“ I have found a fantastic doctor…

There was no assembly line mentality. I didn’t feel rushed. Kathy and Jo are wonderful!! I’m very pleased with my results. I have found a fantastic doctor with an awesome staff!! Keep up the excellent work.

- R.L.

“ Meeting him was a bonus.

I pretty much made up my mind to go with Dr. O’Toole just on his pictures and accreditation alone. Meeting him was a bonus.

- B.D.

“ He is very professional and knowledgeable.

I went on four other consultations before Dr. O’Toole. After the consultation with Dr. O’Toole, I knew he was the doctor I wanted to do my surgery. I felt very comfortable with him. He is very professional and knowledgeable. Everyone in his office was also very helpful and friendly. The office is very CLEAN.

- S.V.

“ He listened, communicated, and never rushed me into making any decisions…

I am so fortunate to be a patient of Dr. Martin O’Toole. I had many cosmetic surgeons to choose from. I needed to find someone that could offer me more than just an extreme makeover. I needed a doctor that could offer me an honest medical opinion, a professional that made me feel secure. I needed a skilled physician I could trust. I needed someone that would guide me every step of the way. I was not a dollar sign to Dr. O’Toole. He listened, communicated, and never rushed me into making any decisions I was not ready for Dr. O’Toole and his staff prepared me and my family for the experience. This has been an experience like no other I have ever encountered. I would not choose to take this journey with anyone other than Dr O’Toole. He is an amazing physician. He is supportive, caring and devoted to his patients and staff. He has treated my family and friends. We all share the same opinion of him. Dr. O’Toole has made a lasting impression on all of us. I often express to him how grateful I am for what he has done for me. I am thankful for the opportunity to share my experience with you.

- D.F.

“ He… is compassionate, kind, considerate, and a real person.

I interviewed several plastic surgeons before my consultation with Dr. O’Toole. I knew after my consultation with him that he was the plastic surgeon for me. He explained my procedures in a way that one could understand and always shows confidence in what he said or does. He does not make you feel rushed or hurried. He has an excellent bedside manner, is compassionate, kind, considerate and a real person – not just “The Doctor.” He has been extremely supportive and attentive to all of my concerns both pre- and post-op being that I’m a gastric bypass patient. People have been complimenting me on how natural my face looks so shortly after plastic surgery. He has a remarkable office staff that is a pleasure to deal with in regards to your medical care. I would recommend Dr. O’Toole highly to anyone who is considering plastic surgery!

- L.T.

“ Dr O’Toole is the cream of the crop of expert surgeons…

I highly recommend board certified plastic surgeon Dr Martin O’Toole, as he far exceeds excellence—he’s the best of surgeons in terms of expert skill, dedicated care and first class staff. A real Miracle Worker.

When I began looking for a board approved surgeon for breast reduction and full abdominoplasty, I consulted other practices, read everything on the web, yet was most impressed by Dr O’Toole’s office and web site ( http://www.pasadenacos… – loaded with details and photographs), so phoned and was scheduled a consultation within a month.

The $50 fee for an hour long consult did not put me off as any visit with a doctor generally costs $100. I was also pleased with being scheduled for a consult near the date of my inquiry, and most appreciative of nurse, Nadia, for her warm tone and professionalism with explaining all to expect.

The first visit was met on schedule. I was impressed by the attractive decor, free coffee and treats in the waiting room, but as I lost 100 pounds by dieting, I passed on the sweets. I also attended the consult with my child as it was during mid-day when I could not find childcare, but this did not inconvenience anyone. In fact, I was told by Dr O’Toole he can relate as he’s a father of five, so his practice is accommodating to mothers.

The first consult encouraged me to move forward on two major procedures. One of which, I was happy to learn would be fully covered by insurance (breast reduction). As I lost 100 pounds after pregnancy and had difficulty regaining muscle tone in my abdomen since a c-section severed my abs, Dr O’Toole informed me that he would be able to reattach my muscles and restore mobility—an extra bonus!

Two months after consult, I checked into the neighboring surgery center that shares a parking lot with Dr O’Toole’s building, so it was easy to find as I had been there before. My surgery prep began with mild distress as I have allergies to perfume and a surgical prep nurse was wearing perfume so set off my histamines, but when word reached Dr O’Toole, he was on the game and ordered his attending anesthesiologist to administer nasal sprays and medicine to get my system back in control so we could move forward. We were able to do so on schedule.

Dr O’Toole prepped me for surgery by marking my skin where he would make his incisions. As my breast size was off the charts, too large for bras and nursed on for many years, we discussed once more my preferred size. He suggested I go with a C-cup but I wondered if he might be able to go down to a B, and was more than pleased when he said he could. It was like an answer to a long awaited for dream! I’d have youthful breasts again.

I don’t remember much of the surgery other than how I was nervous beforehand and how friendly the surgical team was… it was a six hour long procedure, and when I woke up in the recovery room, my family was there to greet me and help me return home, which took about another hour.

Post-operative recovery was challenging as I’m an active mother on feet with taking care of the family, so the next week it was like an official holiday. I found it easy to maintain dressings while staying comfortable at home thanks to a pain pump and medication. I also felt well cared for by Dr O’ Toole’s nurse, Nadia, as she was good to phone me every day to follow up on my comfort levels and offer advice on dressing, showering, after care, and ever reminding me to NOT do chores.

So, while recovering in bed, I read up on the web site about other post-op patient experience, and found how my experience compared to others across the world was most certainly first class A+++. I can’t tell you enough of how much I marvel at my new body. I now have FULL mobility, am able to do sit ups, touch toes. My abs are flat as a board with little noticeable scarring, I have a new belly button, and my breasts were reconstructed with internal incisions that have a built in laser bra, so even after a year post-op, they remain firm, natural and attractive.

Dr O’Toole is the cream of the crop of expert surgeons and has a kind disposition, plus, I’ll confess, it helps that he looks like Luke Skywalker. I just feel that I have a special affinity with this practice as all the staff are so fabulous. For that reason, when it came time to considering facial rejuvenation as I’m in my mid-40s, I returned to the clinic to inquire about a mini-face lift but do you know what Dr O’Toole did? He said, “you don’t need that, you’re fine— just a little botox if even that.” I mean, the man completely blew off a chance to profit, so it just goes to show how he’s an ethical surgeon.

In btw, I have benefited from botox as I have Trigeminal neuralgia. I feel that Dr O’Toole has been able to target my painful nerve points and decrease migraines as he’s an experienced hand who knows what facial muscles are all about, so for anyone considering botox, don’t go to a salon, go to a surgeon, it’s a deal!

- L.C.

“ Thigh Lift

I’m highly satisfied with the information and the care provided. I only wish I would have been told more of what to expect post surgery; in terms of results and recovering, and I know each case is different; but perhaps what to expect during immediate and long-term recovery.*

- 08/09/2018

“ Breast Reduction

The Dr and staff listen well and are specific with answers. From the first day post-op I have had improvement in posture and breathing. Nerve pain in abdominal area and digestión has improved. Post-op shoulder surgery has finally healed and I can lift my left arm above my head for the first time in 12 months.*

- 08/09/2018

“ Breast Lift

I am super impressed by Dr. O’Toole and everyone at his office. I cannot stress enough how impressed I was at how I was treated from the initial appointment and through to surgery and post surgery. The surgery suite made me feel at ease – the warmth of it and the modern equipment. The nurses and anesthesiologist were very nice. I am super happy with results of my breast lift so far I know I have time yet to to still heal and adjust but the doctor has been kind to me and I cannot believe I did not need pain meds! He was right! Dr. O’Toole and I discussed my goals and my wants and needs were realistic in terms of what kind of results could be achieved. His advice was spot on! My husband was also super impressed by how well I am healing. I am still a little tender on parts of breast but overall I feel pretty ok as it has been 3 months since surgery! Thank you to everyone at Pasadena Cosmetic Surgery in Pasadena, CA for my new found confidence and happiness! I feel better about myself and I have more confidence and my clothes fit better. I feel more youthful. *

- 08/09/2018

“ Mommy Makeover

I had a mommy makeover. Dr. O’Toole and staff changed my life! I had multiple abdominal scars that were very unsightly and crooked. I also had mounds and mounds of scar tissue from them. My breasts were somewhat deflated and too small for my body type and frame. Dr. O’Toole looked at my body, and after listening to my concerns, made knowledgeable suggestions without being overbearing. He did not try to sell me something I didn’t need. My husband & I agreed with Dr. O’Toole’s suggestions & we couldn’t be more pleased with the results! I had multiple visits before and after and I am so elated that we chose this Dr. And staff. As I mentioned previously….They’ve changed my life.*

- 08/07/2018

“ Breast Augmentation

Dr. O’Toole was very informative and I feel that I was given all of the information I could have ever needed to feel comfortable and know exactly what I was getting myself into. The staff was amazing and they made me feel very comfortable and confident with the decisions I was making as well as with any questions that I had.*

- 07/29/2018

“ Revision Rhinoplasty

My revision was performed to improve certain areas. I am so delighted with the results. This is my second surgery with Dr. O’Toole and I have never had a bad experience with the doctor, the office staff or the surgery staff. I would and have recommended him to others.*

- 07/10/2018

“ Breast Lift

I was highly satisfied with care.*

- 05/17/2018

“ Breast Reduction

I’ve know Dr O’Toole and Sarah it seems like forever….Dr O’Toole and his staff are the best! I just know that whatever I have done it will come out perfect!*

- 04/23/2018

“ Liposuction

I would come back because it’s Dr. O’Toole and his staff was just wonderful I love how my dress looks when I’m wearing it*

- 04/16/2018

“ Mommy Makeover

Dr. O’Toole is a great doctor. I’m very happy with the results. He took the time to explain everything in detail and ensured I was comfortable. The office and surgical staff were wonderful!*

- 02/22/2018

“ Mommy Makeover

Overall great experience. Staff was friendly, helpful and quite calming. Never felt rushed. My nurse visited me at the after care center. I had a few questions over the weekend and the dr took my calls and answered all my questions. Follow ups we’re a breeze and I am highly satisfied with my results. I am more confident and very happy with the way things turned out. I call Dr otoole a miracle worker because my results came out much better then I had ever imagined. His work was flawless.*

- 02/16/2018

“ Neck Lift

All involved with my surgical experience were friendly, helpful, respectful and performed with professionalism.*

- 01/09/2018

“ Tummy Tuck

If I had any questions, I felt comfortable enough to call and ask..the Dr. And staff were very attentive. It has changed my self esteem and self confidence. I was hesitant walking in but confident walking out.*

- 12/28/2017

“ Breast Augmentation

Great service, very helpful with answering questions, amazing staff, made me feel comfortable Made me feel more confident*

- 12/28/2017

“ Face Lift

I was very inpressed with the Doctors knowledge and how well he understood my goals. He repeated them every time we me. He staff was so helpful, kind, and respectful. I was paniced the second day after my procedure. They provided all I needed to help me. I could not have been more satisfied with how every thing was handled. I look and feel great.*

- 12/13/2017

“ Breast Implant Revision

Dr. O’Tool and his team are very professional and courteous kind attentive and right there if you need them. Thank you very much [initials]*

- 12/19/2017

“ Tummy Tuck

I am happy with the results – the procedure was as the doctor stated and the follow up visits were helpful. I love the way I look and I highly recommend this doctor to anyone that asks! I love the way I look! I love my results! My tummy is flat and my breasts look great! The incision was not as bad as I thought and is healing nicely.*

- 11/28/2017

“ Tummy Tuck

Prior to surgery I met with two doctors, one of whom was Dr. O’Toole. The other practice did not provide the lab work or coordinate the necessary EKG. I chose Dr. O’Toole in part because all aspects of care were covered and he assured me he could get the desired results. I did need care after surgery, and everything was provided at the office. The staff are all pleasant and helpful which goes a long way in preventing anxiety when contemplating surgery.*

- 11/21/2017

“ Breast Lift

Everyone was very professional and kept me at ease throughout the process. Always took my calls before and after when needed.Best Dr. and everyone on his staff. Great!*

- 08/01/2017

“ Tummy Tuck

Dr and staff were available every time I had a question and concern. I was able to see the Dr. ASAP. Everyone was always accomdating, and very nice . I had a botched procedure done to my stomach years ago. Dr.O’Toole not only fixed my stomach, I know feel that I have more self confidence.*

- 07/18/2017

“ Breast Augmentation, Breast Lift

Dr OToole and his staff are wonderful! I have waited years for a breast lift and aug and couldn’t be happier with my choice. Everyone was patient and answered all my questions throughly. I’ve recommended all my friends to him! More confident and way more comfortable.*

- 06/05/2017

“ Other

Dr O’Toole and entire staff always friendly, informative and willing*

- 04/12/2017

“ Arm Lift

Dr O’Tool is very knowledgable in his profession and his experience and expertisemake a miracle happen.I will defiantly recommend Dr O’Tool to my friendsAnd he is the only Doctor that I will return when I need.*

- 04/09/2017

“ Breast Implant Revision

Lovely staff and doctor. Professional and great atmosphere.Would definitely come back and referred them Pre-Op, During and Post Op, fantastic support!*

- 04/06/2017

“ Breast Implant Removal, Other

Dr. O’Toole was very comforting and I feel like he listened to what I wanted without trying to talk me into new implants which I really appreciated.*

- 03/17/2017

“ Tummy Tuck

Dr. O’toole and everyone in his office was both engaging and professional in every interaction that I had with them . The quality of work done on me was excellent . I had excess skin removed from my waist area that was left over after a significant weight loss . This procedure made my body shape normal looking . This was a big deal for someone that had been obese for most of my life .*

- 03/27/2017

“ Breast Reduction

The best plastic surgeon in the area, takes his own after hours calls & responds quickly. Beautiful and spotlessly clean facility. Best anesthesiologist ever.*

- 03/27/2017

“ Brazilian Butt Lift

Dr O’toole is the best he is knowledgable & professional I highly recommend him to all my friends & family not only is he going to give u the body you always wanted he is going to be there for you every step of the way…I love his work. Dr. Otoole gave me the body I always dreamed of & I know he makes all his patients as happy as me his practice is always full.*

- 02/23/2017

“ Breast Implant Revision

Dr. O’Toole is a great surgeon. He is easy to talk to, he listens to your questions and concerns and provides honest answers. His staff is highly professional and friendly. The office is clean, well kept and modernized. I highly recommend Dr. O’Toole for all of your youth and beauty needs. Thank you Dr. O’Toole! I love my new, smaller boobs.*

- 02/04/2017

“ Eyelid Surgery

The whole experience from start to finish was smoothly handled; the team was professional and personal, the results were outstanding, and when there was the problem – well, the doctor responded immediately and authorized immediate treatment. Very satisfied with my results and recommend Dr. O’Toole and his staff to everyone!*

- 01/23/2017

“ Tummy Tuck

Doctor and staff created a safe and informative environment that helped me make a decision regarding my procedure. I am happy to continue to recommend them for their level of expertise, accessibility and overall customer service!Love them all!*

- 01/23/2017

“ Breast Reduction

My results are pretty much exactly what I wanted. . Never thought my body could look this great! I am very happy with my results. Dr. O’toole is a fantastic surgeon. I had a breast reduction and tummy tuck at the same time. He’s very professional, and quite easy to talk to. He was available to speak to me before and after my surgery with any questions I had. I highly recommend him*

- 01/19/2017

“ Tummy Tuck

Problems with the implant getting infected*

- 01/19/2017

“ Tummy Tuck

Everyone was SO helpful and accommodating. From the doctor to the staff, everyone was willing to answer any and all questions. Dr. O’Toole was so friendly and put me at ease. I will definitely come see him again should I need to and I would recommend him to anyone!*

- 01/10/2017

“ Tummy Tuck

Total over all professionalism and care From Dr to staff they completely make me feel comfortable*

- 01/09/2017

“ Rhinoplasty

Dr. O’Toole and his staff are all very pleasant and take their time to listen to your needs. I’ve always had a great experience at his office!*

- 12/19/2016

“ Breast Lift

I am very happy with my results, plan to see Dr. O’tool for other procedures!*

- 11/30/2016

“ Breast Augmentation

I feel much more confident! Dr otoole took time to sit and ease every concern I had in my consultation and pre-procedure visit. Time is invaluable, especially from a physician.*

- 11/22/2016

“ Rhinoplasty

The outcome and the confidence it has brought me. It looks amazing. This was my first experience with cosmetic surgery, and although I was extremely nervous, the staff did nothing but make me feel comfortable and confident in my decision. The healing process was identical to what I was told it would be and my outcome is perfect.*

- 11/22/2016

“ Breast Lift

Dr O’Toole and staff are extremely friendly and professional. My experience was exceptional. I would recommend to anyone. I was very satisfied from start to finish. I will return for future procedure if/when needed. My confidence and body image has increased since my procedure.*

- 09/19/2016

“ Face Lift

I look 10 years younger. The whole team is very professional and answered all of my questions. I continue to feel very supported.*

- 09/12/2016

“ Tummy Tuck

I feel wonderful about my self. Everyone at the facility are really nice. They always greeted you with a smile when you came in for appointment. They listened to your needs and showed compassion and concern. Dr. O’Toole I cannot brag enough about him, he is my idol. this was my first experience with Cosmetic Surgery and speaking to Dr. O’Toole I was very comfortable and relaxed. My trust was in his hands. The whole staff was outstanding. My results are unbelievable, I am liking my body more every day. My husband complements me every day. I have a lot more confidence and feel really good about my self. I am so glad I did this. I wish I would of done these procedures 29 years ago. Kudos to Pasadena Cosmetic Surgery Center. Thank you.*

- 08/30/2016

“ Tummy Tuck

Dr. O’Toole Explain step by step what to expect having a tummy tuck the before & after I was very comfortable talking to Dr. On my first consultation I am very satisfied with the results and I will highly recommend him to friends and family Dr.O’Toole & staff a very professional. There the Best!!*

- 08/17/2016

“ Breast Lift

I feel confident naked . This was my second time doing surgery with Dr Otoole and Ive satisfied both times. His staff both times have made me fell extremely comfortable and answered all my questions in detail. I have recommended my friends and family to him and will continue to do so. I couldn’t have chosen a better surgeon, loved the outcome both times. First time with him he fixed my botched breast augmentation and did amazing and made me feel comfortable and confident I chose the right surgeon. Second time I came back 13 years later and did a lift (as I ages I needed it lol) and again he seemed to amaze me. Love him and his staff!*

- 07/25/2016

“ Other

Everyone made me at ease. Professional physician and staff. Friendly and kind.*

- 07/25/2016

“ Arm Lift

Dr o toole office and staff are all amazing They are Professional in all aspects to help me get whatever it is I’m interested in*

- 06/28/2016

“ Face Lift

Getting older isn’t easy and looking in the mirror every day and seeing someone you don’t recognize is difficult. The surgery helped me look like the person I feel like inside. Everyone was friendly and also professional. There was a very caring atmosphere and all my questions were answered.*

- 06/14/2016

“ Tummy Tuck

I feel so great about my life!! My body is the first home I live in and I am HAPPY. Thanks to Dr. O’toole and his staff for treating with dignity and kindness through out my entire experience. I used to be embarrassed out in public, but love my life. Thank you for the payment plan that was very helpful!! Dr. O’toole and his staff are wonderful!!!*

- 05/29/2016

“ Tummy Tuck

Made my self esteem better. Everyone at the office are so friendly, knowledge and are readily available to answer any questions, which makes me feel comfortable. Dr. O’toole is a great doctor because he dedicates the appointment time entirely to the patient and listens to any concerns I may have.*

- 05/23/2016

“ Tummy Tuck

The one thing that I truly appreciated the most is how reasurring and thoughful and thorugh the surgical team was on the day of my procedure. Put me at ease and made me feel I was in great hands! . I am extremly satisfied with the care I received prior to my procedure and the day of my surgery as well as the quick response to all my questions. Both Sara and Nadia are very experienced and super nice whether I came into the office or called in. Dr. O’Toole is very patient and precise when it comes to his patients care and very supportive and trustworthy. I have and will continue to recommend Dr. O’Toole office to my family and friends. Thank you!*

- 05/23/2016

“ Breast Reduction

My back and shoulders and healthier my clothes fit better. This office the staff the doctor and the outcome of my surgery*

- 05/02/2018

“ Tummy Tuck

I can now zip up my pants, wear dresses and skirts I hadn’t felt comfortable in for years without a bulging tummy. I am very happy with the result and wish I had done it earlier! Very professional staff. Beautiful, clean and well appointed office. I felt that I was taken care of by a knowledgeable staff that helped me feel calm and excited about the results of the procedure.*

- 03/21/2016

“ Arm Lift

Aside from the great results from the surgery, the single best thing about my experience was Dr. O’Toole. He is so kind, interested in my concerns and careful to explain everything. At the end of each visit, he always tells me to call if I need anything at all. The entire staff was courteous, friendly, efficient. They respected my modesty and made sure I was comfortable at all times.*

- 03/21/2016

“ Breast Reduction

The great results of the procedure a breast reduction and lift. Dr O’Toole and staff or very knowledgeable professional at all times*

- 02/29/2016

“ Breast Reduction

I am still healing, however I am anticipating to be able to be very physically active, like I was 10 years ago. That t will be a life-changer for me. I have been too uncomfortable working out (dancing) for the past 5 years. I anticipate that in the next 3 months, I will be able to comfortably resume my workouts, and hence, improve my physical and emotional health. Dr. O’Toole performed surgery on me 9 years ago and I was very impressed with my results. I am now again very happy with the results of my surgery in December. His staff is wonderful and so is he! very communicative and easy to contact with concerns or questions. His follow up is very thorough and he expresses to his patients that he is there for them so they are completely satisfied with their results.*

- 02/28/2016

“ Breast Augmentation


- 02/25/2016

“ Arm Lift

Clothes are easier to shop for.No slapping skin sound any more.No arms as automatic pillows. Everyone took care of me like I was their own daughter!*

- 02/25/2016

“ Tummy Tuck

The Dr. expertise made me and my husband feel very comfortable when we had the first consultation.. The complete experience since the first pre-op visit was wonderful, Dr. O’Toole was very cleared about the expectations. His building is very beautiful, his team are very professional and the best I got referred by one of his satisfied patients, that made me took the decision to contact Dr. O’Toole’s office to set up my surgery.Thanks*

- 02/22/2016

“ Breast Reduction

The results were exactly what I wanted as discussed with the Dr. I was highly satisfied for several reasons. The accessibility of the Dr. and staff made me comfortable with the surgery experience. Prior to surgery, all of my questions were answered in office but if something came up after I left the office, I was easily able to get a hold of someone. Expectations were communicated and clear. My experience after surgery has also been similar. I’m very happy with the surgery results and 100% glad I did it. Despite a minor post surgery complication, I’ve always understood the healing process and what to expect. The ongoing communication makes the whole process better.*

- 02/08/2016

“ Mommy Makeover

The results are fantastic! The doctor and nurse are very easy to talk to. I wouldn’t trust any other Doctor. I am more confident in myself and clothes seem to fit me perfectly. And I can wear a bikini again after two babies!*

- 01/26/2016

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