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Read about how Dr. Martin O’Toole and the compassionate, highly trained staff at his Pasadena and Beverly Hills-area plastic surgery practice have changed the lives of their patients. These testimonials demonstrate our commitment to excellence in everything we do.

Thank You Cards



“I can’t thank you enough for all you have done for us.”

My husband and I had gastric bypass surgery 4 years ago. I thought that was the best surgery until I had my abdominoplasty and breast reduction. I feel that completed what I had set out to achieve. Four months after my surgery my husband had an extended abdominoplasty. He looks and feels wonderful. We are like a couple of newlyweds after almost 40 years of marriage. The mirror is my constant companion!

Your staff has been very patient and understanding with us and all of our questions. Jo has been there every step of the way. I can’t thank you enough for all you have done for us. Dr. O’Toole has also been very patient with us. We never felt rushed by him. I would feel very comfortable recommending Dr. O’Toole to anyone. In fact, I am looking forward to my future surgery in October. This was truly a gift to myself. Thank you for everything.

— J. & M.

“…you have a very caring spirit and hands.”

Dear Dr. O’Toole and Jo,
I just wanted to say “thanks much” for taking good care of me. My incision is healing very well. I really appreciate your bringing up “sorry I hurt you.” You have a very caring spirit and hands.

— J.

“He gave me the reassurance that a man needs to make the choice…”

Being a man in my mid-50s, I never thought I would use BOTOX® injections. I had tried for over eight years to become a foreman at my work and was constantly passed over. Several times while at work, my co-workers would come by and ask me why I was mad. I never thought much about that until my grandchildren began to ask my wife, “Why is grandpa mad?” My son-in-law was over and even asked me the same question.

My wife said that I would scowl often. I was unaware that my family and co-workers were feeling this way.

My wife had been seeing Dr. O’Toole and suggested I come in for a consultation. I came in last summer and had my first BOTOX® treatment. It did make a difference and it made me feel better about myself. After the second treatment I applied again for the foreman position at work and got the job. I wish to thank Dr. O’Toole for discussing the problem and solution with me. He gave me the reassurance that a man needs to make the choice to change the impression he gives other people by using BOTOX® injections. It is no different than going to a gym to work out to make yourself look better and have a better build. Thank you!

— R.D.

“Dr. O’Toole… has changed my life forever.”

I am the happiest patient of Dr. O’Toole’s. I feel blessed to have met Dr. O’Toole because he has changed my life forever. After having breast reduction surgery, my physical pain went away and I regained my self-confidence. It changed my complete look and I am getting so many compliments from family members, friends and co-workers. I can’t thank Dr. O’Toole enough for awesome care and his staff made me feels so special. Dr. O’Toole took his time to explain all the details about the surgery and I didn’t face any surprises or complications. Dr. O’Toole is the most professional, caring, kindest and devoted doctor that I had ever known. He made me look the way that I dreamed I saw myself. I strongly recommend all of my friends and family to Dr. O’Toole.

— A.E.S.

“I was very pleased with the care…”

As an RN, I was very pleased with the care – both pre- and post-operatively. The Huntington Outpatient Surgery Center was also exceptional having worked in an out patient unit, I can attest to this.”

— B.H.

“I couldn’t be happier with the outcome.”

From the moment I walked into Dr. O’Toole’s office I was treated with the utmost respect and kindness. Everyone was so nice and efficient. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. I am a gastric bypass patient, and Dr. O’Toole was very familiar with the outcome of the surgery. He was patient and kind and answered all my questions. I am totally “in love” with my new breasts and couldn’t be happier with the work he did from start to finish. I would recommend Dr. O’Toole to anyone.

— C.S.

“You guys do a great job.”

Your office staff made me feel very comfortable. The pre-operative packet is informative and has easy to follow instructions. Dr. O’Toole has a great sense of humor which made my experience very comfortable. I can’t express how pleased I am with everything. You guys do a great job.

— G.S.

“I have found a fantastic doctor…”

There was no assembly line mentality. I didn’t feel rushed. Kathy and Jo are wonderful!! I’m very pleased with my results. I have found a fantastic doctor with an awesome staff!! Keep up the excellent work.

— R.L.

“Meeting him was a bonus.”

I pretty much made up my mind to go with Dr. O’Toole just on his pictures and accreditation alone. Meeting him was a bonus.

— B.D.

“He is very professional and knowledgeable.”

I went on four other consultations before Dr. O’Toole. After the consultation with Dr. O’Toole, I knew he was the doctor I wanted to do my surgery. I felt very comfortable with him. He is very professional and knowledgeable. Everyone in his office was also very helpful and friendly. The office is very CLEAN.

— S.V.

“He listened, communicated, and never rushed me into making any decisions…”

I am so fortunate to be a patient of Dr. Martin O’Toole. I had many cosmetic surgeons to choose from. I needed to find someone that could offer me more than just an extreme makeover. I needed a doctor that could offer me an honest medical opinion, a professional that made me feel secure. I needed a skilled physician I could trust. I needed someone that would guide me every step of the way. I was not a dollar sign to Dr. O’Toole. He listened, communicated, and never rushed me into making any decisions I was not ready for Dr. O’Toole and his staff prepared me and my family for the experience. This has been an experience like no other I have ever encountered. I would not choose to take this journey with anyone other than Dr O’Toole. He is an amazing physician. He is supportive, caring and devoted to his patients and staff. He has treated my family and friends. We all share the same opinion of him. Dr. O’Toole has made a lasting impression on all of us. I often express to him how grateful I am for what he has done for me. I am thankful for the opportunity to share my experience with you.

— D.F.

“He… is compassionate, kind, considerate, and a real person.”

I interviewed several plastic surgeons before my consultation with Dr. O’Toole. I knew after my consultation with him that he was the plastic surgeon for me. He explained my procedures in a way that one could understand and always shows confidence in what he said or does. He does not make you feel rushed or hurried. He has an excellent bedside manner, is compassionate, kind, considerate and a real person – not just “The Doctor.” He has been extremely supportive and attentive to all of my concerns both pre- and post-op being that I’m a gastric bypass patient. People have been complimenting me on how natural my face looks so shortly after plastic surgery. He has a remarkable office staff that is a pleasure to deal with in regards to your medical care. I would recommend Dr. O’Toole highly to anyone who is considering plastic surgery!

— L.T.

“Dr O’Toole is the cream of the crop of expert surgeons…”

I highly recommend board certified plastic surgeon Dr Martin O’Toole, as he far exceeds excellence—he’s the best of surgeons in terms of expert skill, dedicated care and first class staff. A real Miracle Worker.

When I began looking for a board approved surgeon for breast reduction and full abdominoplasty, I consulted other practices, read everything on the web, yet was most impressed by Dr O’Toole’s office and web site ( http://www.pasadenacos… – loaded with details and photographs), so phoned and was scheduled a consultation within a month.

The $50 fee for an hour long consult did not put me off as any visit with a doctor generally costs $100. I was also pleased with being scheduled for a consult near the date of my inquiry, and most appreciative of nurse, Nadia, for her warm tone and professionalism with explaining all to expect.

The first visit was met on schedule. I was impressed by the attractive decor, free coffee and treats in the waiting room, but as I lost 100 pounds by dieting, I passed on the sweets. I also attended the consult with my child as it was during mid-day when I could not find childcare, but this did not inconvenience anyone. In fact, I was told by Dr O’Toole he can relate as he’s a father of five, so his practice is accommodating to mothers.

The first consult encouraged me to move forward on two major procedures. One of which, I was happy to learn would be fully covered by insurance (breast reduction). As I lost 100 pounds after pregnancy and had difficulty regaining muscle tone in my abdomen since a c-section severed my abs, Dr O’Toole informed me that he would be able to reattach my muscles and restore mobility—an extra bonus!

Two months after consult, I checked into the neighboring surgery center that shares a parking lot with Dr O’Toole’s building, so it was easy to find as I had been there before. My surgery prep began with mild distress as I have allergies to perfume and a surgical prep nurse was wearing perfume so set off my histamines, but when word reached Dr O’Toole, he was on the game and ordered his attending anesthesiologist to administer nasal sprays and medicine to get my system back in control so we could move forward. We were able to do so on schedule.

Dr O’Toole prepped me for surgery by marking my skin where he would make his incisions. As my breast size was off the charts, too large for bras and nursed on for many years, we discussed once more my preferred size. He suggested I go with a C-cup but I wondered if he might be able to go down to a B, and was more than pleased when he said he could. It was like an answer to a long awaited for dream! I’d have youthful breasts again.

I don’t remember much of the surgery other than how I was nervous beforehand and how friendly the surgical team was… it was a six hour long procedure, and when I woke up in the recovery room, my family was there to greet me and help me return home, which took about another hour.

Post-operative recovery was challenging as I’m an active mother on feet with taking care of the family, so the next week it was like an official holiday. I found it easy to maintain dressings while staying comfortable at home thanks to a pain pump and medication. I also felt well cared for by Dr O’ Toole’s nurse, Nadia, as she was good to phone me every day to follow up on my comfort levels and offer advice on dressing, showering, after care, and ever reminding me to NOT do chores.

So, while recovering in bed, I read up on the web site about other post-op patient experience, and found how my experience compared to others across the world was most certainly first class A+++. I can’t tell you enough of how much I marvel at my new body. I now have FULL mobility, am able to do sit ups, touch toes. My abs are flat as a board with little noticeable scarring, I have a new belly button, and my breasts were reconstructed with internal incisions that have a built in laser bra, so even after a year post-op, they remain firm, natural and attractive.

Dr O’Toole is the cream of the crop of expert surgeons and has a kind disposition, plus, I’ll confess, it helps that he looks like Luke Skywalker. I just feel that I have a special affinity with this practice as all the staff are so fabulous. For that reason, when it came time to considering facial rejuvenation as I’m in my mid-40s, I returned to the clinic to inquire about a mini-face lift but do you know what Dr O’Toole did? He said, “you don’t need that, you’re fine— just a little botox if even that.” I mean, the man completely blew off a chance to profit, so it just goes to show how he’s an ethical surgeon.

In btw, I have benefited from botox as I have Trigeminal neuralgia. I feel that Dr O’Toole has been able to target my painful nerve points and decrease migraines as he’s an experienced hand who knows what facial muscles are all about, so for anyone considering botox, don’t go to a salon, go to a surgeon, it’s a deal!

— L.C.

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