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Neck Lift

If wrinkling and sagging skin in your neck area is making you look older than you’d like to appear, you might consider the rejuvenating benefits of a cosmetic neck procedure. The neck lift is a facial plastic surgery procedure that restores a youthful contour by tightening lax neck muscles and removing excess skin.

Neck Lift Surgery

Los Angeles & Pasadena California

Benefits of a Neck Lift

Los Angeles Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Martin O’Toole performs a neck lift to combat physical signs of aging such as creasing, sagging skin, turkey neck, and vertical banding. A neck lift can also improve the appearance of sun-damaged neck skin.

By removing excess fat and skin, Dr. O’Toole can greatly improve your facial profile and boost your self confidence. A neck lift can also make you look years younger by getting rid of features such as a double chin or jowls. The results of a neck lift can be very dramatic, especially when paired with other facial procedures such as:

How a Neck Lift is Performed

Dr. Martin O’Toole will work closely with you to design a new neck contour that will improve your overall appearance. Fatty tissue and excess skin are removed, and neck muscles are gently tightened. The result is a toned neckline and a more youthful facial contour.

First, our Dr. O’Toole places incisions in the ear area and below the chin. Once the skin is separated, the neck muscles are tightened and the skin is re-draped into an ideal position. Excess skin is removed and remaining skin is tightened and sutured. For patients who do not require muscle tightening, Dr. O’Toole will perform only the skin excision portion.

Please note that if you are unhappy with your neckline simply because of excess fat under the chin, a Smart Lipo procedure may be more effective at achieving your goals.

The Best Time for a Neck Lift

A neck lift is not recommended for patients with only minor signs of wrinkling in the neck. Since it is an invasive and comprehensive procedure, it is best utilized by men and women with multiple neck appearance issues, including excess fat, loose skin, and wrinkling. A neck lift may also be used to help patients who have residual sagging skin after massive weight loss. Ideal neck lift candidates are in good general health and do not smoke.

Watch a 3D animation of neck lift surgery

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