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Brow Lift in Pasadena, CA

Brow lift surgery is designed to eliminate wrinkles and creases throughout the forehead area. When needed, this facial plastic surgery procedure can also be used to lift drooping eyebrows and minimize furrows and creases above the bridge of the nose for a more alert and pleasing appearance.

Brow Lift Surgery

Los Angeles & Pasadena California

If you are interested in learning what a brow lift can do for your appearance, please contact Pasadena Cosmetic Surgery to schedule a free consultation today. Consultations can also be made by calling our board-certified Los Angles area plastic surgeon at (626) 449-8910.

Brow Lift Options

Dr. O’Toole offers three different brow lift options:

  • Traditional coronal brow lift
  • Limited incision temporal brow lift
  • Endoscopic brow lift

Incisions for both the endoscopic and temporal brow lift will be made near the temples and just behind the hairline. Coronal brow lift incisions are made along the anterior hairline and are better for men and women with larger foreheads or receding hairlines. Which of these options is best for your needs will be determined during your initial consultation with Dr. O’Toole.

Complimentary Facial Rejuvenation Procedures

Brow lift surgery is complementary to a number of other facial plastic surgery procedures. Depending on factors unique to your anatomy, Dr. O’Toole may suggest combining brow lift with:

  • Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) to reduce bags underneath the eyes, eliminate crow’s feet, and lift droopy eyelids
  • Facelift to address skin laxity, fat deposits, and wrinkles in the mid to lower face and throughout the jaw, chin, and neck

Brow lift surgery can also be complemented by nonsurgical facial rejuvenation treatments, such as BOTOX® Cosmetic, dermal fillers, JUVÉDERM®, VOLUMA® XC, BELOTERO BALANCE® and laser skin resurfacing. The best way to determine if these treatments can enhance your brow lift results is by discussing your areas of concern with Dr. O’Toole.

To schedule your free brow lift consultation with board-certified Los Angeles plastic surgeon Dr. Martin O’Toole, please contact us today. Dr. O’Toole welcomes patients from in and around the Los Angeles area at our comfortable and convenient Pasadena office.

Types of Brow Lift

Board-certified Pasadena plastic surgeon Dr. Martin O’Toole offers three different types of brow lift. Which one is right for your needs depends entirely on factors unique to you and can best be determined during your free brow lift consultation with Dr. O’Toole.

To schedule your free brow lift consultation, please contact Pasadena Cosmetic Surgery online or call our office at (626) 449-8910 today. Dr. O’Toole welcomes patients from Los Angeles and all surrounding areas of California.

Brow Lift Incisions

The brow lift incisions offered by Dr. O’Toole are:

  • Traditional Coronal Brow Lift – for this option, incisions are placed at the hairline and run from ear to ear. This incision allows for more advanced tissue movement and may be better for significant signs of aging or for people with high foreheads or receding hairlines.
  • Temporal Brow Lift – incisions for this option are made within the hairline at the temples.
    This incision allows for the correction of mild to moderate signs of aging.
  • Endoscopic Brow Lift – with this option, small incisions are made behind the hairline from the ear. While similar in range to the coronal brow lift, incisions for endoscopic surgery are incredibly small, which helps to significantly minimize postoperative scarring. Endoscopic brow lift is a wonderful solution for mild signs of aging.

Depending on your needs, Dr. O’Toole may recommend a variation on one of these incision options. This is something that can be discussed in greater detail during your initial consultation.

Why Choose Us

Dr. O’Toole is a board-certified plastic surgeon with over three decades of experience. Accommodating, honest, and passionate about aesthetic enhancement, Dr. O’Toole is deeply committed to each patient he sees and takes every care to ensure optimal comfort, safety, and lasting satisfaction.

If you are looking for a board-certified plastic surgeon in or around Pasadena, please call (626) 449-8910 to schedule a consultation with Dr. O’Toole today.


“Dr. O’Toole and his staff are amazingly warm and comforting. I felt comfortable asking as many questions as I wanted and left feeling completely confident in my plastic surgery treatment. Dr. O’Toole was my breast implant surgeon and after 20 years, I wouldn’t go to anyone else for future body beautification needs. In fact, I love his work so much, that I have referred my mom and she has happily booked her appointment already. He is truly the best plastic surgeon! Love you all!”
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