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aspirin Once the news became widely spread that aspirin was good for the heart, some consumers began to self diagnose and take it on a regular basis. Dr. O’Toole routinely ask patients who are considering plastic surgery about drugs that they are taking including aspirin. For surgical procedures including facelift, blepharoplasty, and rhinoplasty patients who have recently taken aspirin run a higher risk for excessive bleeding and bruising. While this is possible with all of the surgical procedures, the facial procedures could have prolonged healing when there is excessive bruising. In these cases it would prolong the time for patients before they could go out in public without obvious signs of surgery. Patients should also avoid aspirin prior to any of the injectable services. Aspirin is considered safe in most cases; however, patients should always inform any new provider when they take aspirin on a regular basis. Also, patients taking aspirin regularly, based on their own decision should discuss the necessity with their primary care physician. Dr. O’Toole may recommend medical clearance prior to surgery for some patients . Most patients have a positive experience and excellent results following plastic surgery.


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