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Category: Unwanted Tattoo

Can My Tattoo Be Removed?

Posted June 01, 2017

What Will Affect My Tattoo Removal? Although getting “inked” continues to grow in popularity, tattoo removal is just as common. According to, nearly 30 percent of people have tattoos, and among those people, about 25 percent regret getting them. If you are experiencing buyer’s remorse for your tattoo, you may be wondering which types […]

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Hard to lose weight? Blame it on the brain

Posted January 04, 2012

They say that the mind is a powerful part of everything that we do. According to a recent article the brain has a lot more to do with our success in dieting then we give it credit for.

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You lost the weight; now what?

Posted December 27, 2011

The beginning of the year predictably has the most number of weight loss ads. The most common resolution is to lose weight for the New Year. But, what about those who have lost the weight and managed to keep weight off? What should their New Year's resolution be? Believe it or not, many of these patients long to have the ability to have the excess skin and from their body. Dr.

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Hidden shame of diabetes can be dangerous

Posted November 02, 2011

Patients who are diagnosed with diabetes are sometimes made to feel as though they have done something wrong. It is now becoming known that patients are feeling guilty and responsible for their diabetes diagnosis.

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Distracted eating could be making you eat more

Posted August 15, 2011

Many people are guilty of eating when they are not hungry. This results in consuming unnecessary calories, which leads to weight gain. Often people are distracted and are not conscious about how much they have eaten. Patients who have successfully lost weight and kept it off have generally become disciplined eaters. Dr.

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Better music could bring better weight loss

Posted July 12, 2011

  There is no shortage of weight loss advice through virtually any medium. Dr. O’Toole explains to patients who have been successful at losing weight and maintaining a stable weight that the loose skin remaining can be successfully removed through surgery. Most patients express dissatisfaction with their arms, stomach, and thighs. For the arms, Dr.

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