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Category: Turbinectomy

What Are Septoplasty and Turbinectomy?

Posted June 06, 2019

close up of woman nose-img-blogMost individuals assume that rhinoplasty is only used to correct cosmetic nasal issues. While rhinoplasty is commonly performed to reduce a nasal hump, rotate an upturned or downturned nasal tip, or alter the nostrils, aesthetics is only one aspect of nasal surgery. Rhinoplasty is also performed to correct functional nasal concerns. When rhinoplasty is performed for functional reasons, specialized techniques known as septoplasty or turbinectomy are used.…

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Rejuvenate Your Upper Body with Breast Lift Surgery

Posted April 05, 2016

To learn how breast lift surgery can rejuvenate your entire upper body, call (626) 689-7800 for a free consultation with board-certified Los Angeles breast surgeon Dr. Martin O’TooleFor many women, breasts simply sag over time. Add to that pregnancy, nursing, and weight fluctuations, and a sagging breast tissue can become a serious issue detracting from the contours of the entire upper body. If you are struggling with sagging breast tissue and/or excess skin in the chest, now is the time to call board-certified Pasadena plastic surgeon Dr.…

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