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Drawing of a babyAccording to The Los Angeles Times we hate to nag, really. But maybe that wadded-up bag of Cheetos is a sign that your get-healthy resolve is wearing thin — and just two weeks into 2011.

These 11 tips from family doctor Amy Balka in the Health Notes blog of the Newport News Daily Press emphasize exercise, weight loss and more. Here are a few that bear repeating:

“Cook at home. Not only is it healthier a lot of times to eat at home, sitting down for a meal together is also really important for the family as a whole. It promotes family bonding and mental health, she said.

“Do something about stress, anxiety and depression. Maybe that means taking a prescription or finding someone to talk to — a counselor, a pastor. A lot of health insurance plans cover the cost of a counselor.”

Dr. O’Toole likens New Year’s resolutions to ideas that will only become reality with effort. It is not unusual for a  patient to see Dr. O’Toole in consultation with the intent to lose another 15 to 20 pounds before scheduling a liposuction  or abdominoplasty procedure. What happens more often than not, is t that he patient leaves the office, doesn’t schedule their procedure, and a year later finds themselves in the same position unhappy with the shape and contour of their body. We know from experience that these patients often call Dr. O’Toole and regret that they had not scheduled their procedure when they first made the decision to do something about their shape and contour. It is best for patients to proceed with surgery once they have decided  it is what they want. These patients tend to be the happiest with their decision, the experience, and their results.