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Woman measuring her breastThanks to television and the Internet patients are now bombarded with so much information concerning breast augmentation that it becomes easy to forget that each patient is an individual and that the doctor’s recommendation is based on his thorough examination of the patient. A recent online article attempted to explain to patients the different options concerning breast implants and the incisions most commonly used. According to the article, which based on the title, was mostly concerned with the appearance of scars, patients should consider which incision they want before consulting with a plastic surgeon. Although the article does state that the decision is made in combination with the plastic surgeon, it does not go far enough in explaining the importance of understanding the doctor’s recommendation and why he or she is making that recommendation. The article does go through and explain  most common incisions made for breast implants. These incisions include the periareolar incision, inframammary Incision,transaxillary Incision, andTUBA Incision.  Each incision has its own pros and cons and patients must remember that results are heavily dependent upon the patient as well as the skill and experience of the plastic surgeon. Dr. O’Toole stresses to his patients that while they may have a preference for the incision desired for their breast augmentation, there are other factors that he must consider. One factor would be the need to perform a breast lift. If the patient requires a breast lift, the incisional approach may be different than the patient had originally desired. Also, patients must consider their tendency to heal as it relates to other scars on their body. The patient’s health, weight, and whether they smoke are also factors. Dr. O’Toole is careful to explain to patients that he honors their individuality and that each patient is provided with recommendations individually, not as a one-size-fits-all approach. Dr. O’Toole’s longtime patient coordinator Sarah assists Dr. O’Toole in helping patients to make decisions for breast augmentation that they will be happy with for a lifetime.


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