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Woman sitting on a blockModern conveniences have put most everything we could ever want right at our fingertips. Some say the price paid is obesity. According to a recent online article most of our food can now be prepared in less than 10 minutes. Most of us drive to the destinations that  we desire. Even when we do order food, often times it is over the phone and requires little if any exercise. What does all this mean to the health of Americans? According to the article it has made us a fatter nation. Many Americans eat dinner in front of the television, walk only to the car, and take the elevator instead of the stairs. This decreased fitness level combined with convenience foods that  are higher in fat and calories easily equal a recipe for weight gain. There are lifestyle choices a person can make that will automatically increase their fitness level. These include walking to the store, carrying your groceries home, parking further away from the office, and  taking the stairs. Every little bit effort helps. Studies have shown that even small increases in fitness can lead to a healthier life. Dr. O’Toole explains to patients who may be frustrated with diet plans and exercise regimens that while these are essential to a person’s health there are situations in which a patient may still have areas of fat pockets they cannot seem to get rid of. These areas tend to be in the upper thighs, upper and lower abdomen, and in some patients the upper back. Dr. O’Toole as in expert is able to recommend two different liposuction options. One option is offered as an office based solution called SmartLipo that can be performed in his fully equipped procedure room. This procedure allows him to remove small areas of fat methodically sculpting and shaping the body for better contour and a more aesthetically pleasing figure. The other method of liposuction is typically suited for patients who have larger areas of concern. This is what is known as traditional liposuction which is performed in a fully accredited surgical suite under tried-and-true safe anesthesia. Dr. O’Toole uses the same expertise and is able to achieve stellar results for patients who require larger volumes of fat to be removed in order to achieve their best possible appearance.


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