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Fiber rich diet According to ABC 7, people who consumed higher amounts of fiber, particularly from grains, had a significantly lower risk of dying over a nine-year period compared to those who consumed lower amounts of fiber, a new National Institutes of Health study released online Monday claims.

Fiber, found in whole grains, beans, nuts, vegetables and fruits aids the body with bowel movements, lowers blood-cholesterol levels and improves blood glucose levels, Dow Jones Newswires reported.

Other studies have suggested that fiber may lower the risk of heart disease, diabetes and some cancers, but there has been conflicting evidence on whether there is any mortality benefit from consuming fiber.

The study involved about 388,000 people who are part of a larger NIH-AARP diet and health study. They were aged between 50 and 71 years old when the study began.

The findings will appear in the June 14 print issue of Archives of Internal Medicine.

Researchers, led by the National Cancer Institute, concluded that “a diet rich in dietary fiber from whole plant foods may provide significant health benefits.”

While it is true that you are what you eat, after around age 40 both men and women are likely to have stubborn areas of fat they are unable to lose through diet and exercise. Dr. O’Toole recommends Smartlipo, a procedure performed in his office suite for patients who have only small areas of fat in concentrated localized areas. The procedure works remarkably well, provided the skin is tight and that there are only small areas that need to be treated. There is a financial benefit in that patients do not have to pay for anesthesia or the cost of a full surgical suite. Dr. O’Toole examines patients during the consultation to determine if in fact they can benefit from this procedure.


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