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 Muscle drink for the middle aged?The fitness industry is a multi-million dollar industry. Consumers especially men are anxious to find a way to have a flat and toned abdomen. Dr. O’Toole explains to his patients that liposuction is an excellent option for flattening and toning the waistline. Patients need to be at or near their ideal body weight. Dr. O’Toole offers traditional liposuction as well as Smart Lipo. This allows him to offer the best value based on each patients needs. For men, the areas most requested are the abdomen, the love handles, and the lower back. This helps to shape the entire waistline. Most men on average will lose 3 inches from their waist line. Fitness supplements that make “loss of inches” claims are unable to deliver the results that liposuction can. According to KTLA a new muscle drink on the market isn’t for bodybuilders or workout fanatics: It’s aimed at middle-aged and older adults who are losing muscle naturally because of age. Ensure Muscle Health promises that its 13 grams of protein and special ingredient “HMB” will help such folks shore up muscle and muscle strength into their golden years.

HMB — beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate — has been getting a lot of attention from researchers lately because of reports that it can help preserve or increase muscle mass. But, as seems to be the case with all supplements, “there’s still a lot of conflicting evidence,” says Kate Pollock, a sports nutrition specialist in San Diego. “Some studies show it may increase muscle strength and decrease muscle damage, but other studies show no effect.”

The compound is a breakdown product of the amino acid leucine, which has long been known to play a role in building muscle.