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Group photoThe reality that obesity is commonly a family issue has begun to sink in across the country. A recent study that was highlighted in the Los Angeles Times showed the promising results of behavioral therapy when used to treat obesity. The study found that overwhelmingly, not only did the participants respond but the family benefited as well. Behavioral therapy is interactive and teaches participants to deal with not just the aspect of food intake but also how the food affects their lives, thoughts, and actions. When the family is involved in this process it is more successful because of the interaction that occurs between family members. These situations are a win-win, in that everyone who benefits from the behavior therapy becomes a healthier individual. One of the byproducts of the obesity epidemic has been the families who have lost weight and managed to keep the weight off. Dr. O’Toole commends these patients and advises them to be proactive about the loose and lax skin that is left behind after weight loss. Typically patients will complain about excessive skin on the upper arms that hangs when they move. Others will complain of large amounts of loose skin around the neck. Women are often discouraged about the excess skin on the breast. Dr. O’Toole recommends patient’s first address the area that concerns them the most. For the arms, Dr. O’Toole will typically recommend a bracioplasty or arm lift. This will remove the excess skin and allow Dr. O’Toole to reshape the arm. For the neck , typically a facelift or neck lift will be most effective. Once the excess skin is removed not only does the patient look younger but also thinner. A breast lift could be a recommendation for both men and women depending on the amount of skin left behind. Dr. O’Toole uses his extensive plastic surgery and reconstructive background to help patients achieve the best most natural looking results. Patients should feel better after losing weight; not worse because of the way that they look. Dr. O’Toole is committed to achieving the best surgical results safely.