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According to CBS 10 a survey conducted by LA County’s Department of Public Health finds nearly 14 percent of adults surveyed said they had been diagnosed with depression, up from about 9 percent in 1999.

“The increase in rates of diagnosed depressive disorders may reflect better recognition and reporting of the disorder, rather than an actual increase in the frequency of depression,” according to Dr. Jonathan Fielding, director of the county Department of Public Health.

“However, from any perspective, depression takes a large toll in terms of disease burden, and is

the most common mental health problem.”

The numbers in the report — titled “Trends in Depression: Shedding Light on the Darkness” — reflect the number of adults who have been diagnosed with depression at any point in time, whether or not they are currently suffering.

Depression is a major cause of disability, economic losses and suicide, health officials said.

Other report findings include:

– Women in L.A. County consistently reported higher rates of depression and a more significant increase in cases than men.

With higher incidences of depression in women it could be fairly easy to assume that a disproportionate percentage of the plastic surgery population would suffer from depression. Fortunately, this is not necessarily the truth. Dr. O’Toole reviews the health history of every patients. This includes mental as well as physical health. Patients seeking for example ,a rhinoplasty need to be aware that due to a slightly longer recovery than other procedures patient can tend to be impatient and anxious awaiting the final result. The best way to avoid this type of mental anguish is to be fully aware of the patient’s expectations and manage them accordingly.


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