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Sun damage can happen to anyone, but those with fair skin, blue eyes, a history of sunburns or family members with skin cancer, are particularly susceptible to damage from the sun, including an increased risk of skin cancer.

Here are some things to watch for and treatments to help!


Too much sun exposure literally sucks the natural oils from your skin! You end up dry and dehydrated looking, with additional wrinkles. Be sure to wear a high quality moisturizing sun block and apply it every single time you go outdoors, even if it’s just to walk to the mailbox or take a drive in the car. Laser treatments can make a huge difference in the amount of wrinkles you have, especially on your face. Wrinkles can also temporarily “disappear” with BOTOX® Cosmetic and fillers!


Sun that’s been exposed too much to the sun becomes thick and leathery—check out photos of lifelong Floridians, many of whom have incredibly leathery skin. Again, ActiveFX™ and DeepFX™ treatments, which are both performed with the UltraPulse® Encore™ Total FX CO2 Laser System made by Lumenis®, can help stimulate new collagen and even out the texture of sun-ravaged skin.


Melanin production is increased by sun exposure, creating brown spots, known as “liver spots” though they can be red, brown, black or gray. Often found on the forehead, temples, on the chest, shoulders and back of the hands, they respond well to IPL photofacial treatments.


Too much of the sun’s rays can break down the structural walls of tiny blood vessels in your face. The more breakage, the more red, broken capillaries appear on your skin’s surface. Pulsed dye laser treatments can remove the appearance of red, ruptured threads of capillaries.

Remember, it’s never too late to come in from the sun! Start today to save your skin!