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As a tried and true procedure that permanently eliminates fat, liposuction is widely considered the cornerstone of body contouring treatments. However, many individuals might not realize how versatile the procedure really is. This blog will discuss the options that patients have when it comes to liposuction: the different areas of treatment, power-assisted liposuction, and laser-assisted liposuction, as well as how it can be combined with other procedures, such as cosmetic breast surgery and tummy tuck.

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Why Liposuction?

Many individuals seeking a more sculpted figure or physique turn to liposuction to remove stubborn fat deposits resistant to diet and exercise. If you share this desire, liposuction is a popular cosmetic procedure that offers a targeted approach to body contouring and allows you to enhance contours virtually anywhere on your body and increase your confidence.

What Is Liposuction?

Liposuction, also known as lipoplasty or suction lipectomy, is a surgical procedure designed to remove excess fat from specific body areas. Contrary to popular belief, liposuction is not a weight-loss procedure but a method for reshaping and redefining body contours. It is best suited for individuals close to their ideal weight but struggling with stubborn fat pockets.

Top 5 Target Areas for Liposuction

Patients can focus on one specific problem area or several. A key advantage of liposuction is its versatility, allowing plastic surgeons to treat multiple areas at once and achieve comprehensive results. Some common areas that can be treated with liposuction include:

1. Chin and Neck

Submental fat, commonly known as a double chin, can be a source of self-consciousness for many individuals. Liposuction can target this area to better define the jaw and neckline for a more youthful appearance.

Multiple treatments combine well for even more dramatic results. Co2 laser resurfacing, Potenza radiofrequency microneedling, and Smartlipo are all various facial procedures to consider when rejuvenating your face.

woman before and after neck lift

2. Arms

The upper arms are a common trouble spot for many individuals, especially those who have experienced weight fluctuations or aging-related changes. Liposuction can remove excess fat from the arms, resulting in slimmer, more toned upper arms.

3. Abdomen

The abdomen is a popular target area for liposuction, especially for individuals with excess fat in the lower belly or love handles. Liposuction can sculpt the abdominal region, creating a flatter, more defined midsection.

4. Hips and Flanks

Often referred to as “love handles” or “muffin tops,” excess fat in the hip and flank area can be particularly stubborn and resistant to traditional weight loss methods. Liposuction can effectively eliminate these bulges, enhancing the body’s natural curves.

5. Thighs

The inner and outer thighs can accumulate stubborn fat deposits, leading to a lack of thigh gap and dissatisfaction with upper leg contours. Liposuction can address these concerns, helping to create a shapelier lower body.

What Are My Liposuction Options?

The two primary purposes of liposuction are to remove excess fat and sculpt the body’s contours to achieve a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. Traditional liposuction can accomplish these goals, but advanced options offer some additional benefits:

Power-Assisted Liposuction (PAL)

This method requires general anesthesia, and like traditional liposuction, small incisions are made in the treatment area(s).

  • A saline solution is injected to help break up fat cells and make them easier to remove.
  • A specially designed “PAL wand” with small tubes (cannulas) attached delivers vibrations into the fat, which causes the cells to shrink and make it easier to remove.
  • The PAL wand and cannulas are connected to a medical vacuum device to suction out the fat.

Laser-Assisted Liposuction (Smartlipo®)

Smartlipo® can be performed only under local anesthetics, sometimes with sedation. Again, this technique uses small incisions made in the target area(s).

  • A small probe equipped with a laser tip is inserted through the incisions.
  • The probe is then maneuvered to direct light energy and heat into the fat cells to rupture them for easier removal.
  • This option uses triple wavelength technology, liquefying the fat while tightening the surrounding skin.
  • Like the other liposuction methods, fat is suctioned out through a small cannula.

What Can These Liposuction Options Achieve?

Traditional liposuction can effectively improve body contours by reducing stubborn fat and enhancing natural curves.

PAL liposuction may enhance muscle definition, highlight muscle tone, and create a more sculpted appearance. Smartlipo™ can also tighten the skin in the treated areas.

Other benefits of liposuction include:

  • Increased clothing fit and comfort—Excess fat in certain areas of the body can make it challenging to find clothing that fits well and flatters the figure and physique. Liposuction can eliminate these problem areas, allowing patients to enjoy a wider range of clothing options and improved comfort in their wardrobe choices.
  • Boosted confidence and self-esteem—Perhaps most importantly, liposuction can profoundly impact a patient’s confidence and self-esteem. By achieving a more contoured and aesthetically pleasing physique, individuals often experience a newfound sense of empowerment and satisfaction with their appearance.

Combining Liposuction With Other Cosmetic Procedures

Liposuction can be combined with other body contouring surgeries, such as cosmetic breast procedures, abdominoplasty, or both, for a complete Mommy Makeover.

Finding a Qualified Liposuction Provider in Pasadena, CA

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