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Man sleeping in white sheetsThanks to the power of advertising most Americans are familiar with restless leg syndrome.It can be debilitating for some people, and a new study has linked a different but similar condition, active leg syndrome to heart problems.  Patients who suffer from active leg syndrome could also  suffer from obesity or other obesity related illness.  Patients who have battled their weight and successfully have lost it,often consult with Dr. O’Toole, concerning the loose and lax and that is left behind.  This can cause the patient to be very uncomfortable even in their clothes.  Patients most often complain about their abdomen, outer thighs, and face. Dr. O’Toole will most commonly recommend an abdominoplasty to remove the loose and lax skin. Most of the time, he will also tighten the abdominal muscles. For the face he will usually recommend afacelift including the neck.  For the outer thighs he will most likely recommend athigh lift. Patients who suffer from active leg syndrome will need to have their condition treated and under control prior to surgery.  Dr. O’Toole may request a clearance from the treating physician.  According to KTLA  so-called periodic limb movements are considered a different condition from restless leg syndrome (RLS) — although many people with restless legs also move around involuntarily and unknowingly at night. People with RLS feel an uncontrollable urge at night and during the day to move their legs, sometimes causing insomnia.


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