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Group of women drinking wineKeeping up with the reports concerning the benefits and drawbacks of drinking alcohol can be dizzying. While some reports tout the benefits others warn of deadly long-term effects. According to the Los Angeles Times most studies vary on the amount of alcohol that is good for you on a daily basis. Drinking higher quantities of alcohol — three or more drinks per day — had long been known to raise the risk of breast cancer, says study coauthor Dr. Wendy Chen, a researcher at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston. It does so by increasing the amount of estrogen and related hormones that circulate in the blood. (Its effects, in that way, are similar to many other risk factors associated with breast cancer, such as early menstruation, having fewer children and late menopause, all of which raise exposure to reproductive hormones over a woman’s lifetime.) While it’s definitive that excessive alcohol consumption is dangerous, mild to moderate consumption is still debatable in terms of benefits. Dr. O’Toole shares with his patients that while alcohol may be good for some people to drink regularly, overall there is a danger of drinking too much. This not only affects a person’s health but also their appearance. It is fairly common for some patients; generally men, to seek liposuction as an option for getting rid of what some call a” beer belly”. Dr. O’Toole explains that if the fat is what is known as intra-abdominal fat( meaning that it is below the surface), liposuction will not flattened the abdomen. Even for patients who have abdominoplasty, if there is intra-abdominal fat especially in the upper portion of the abdomen it will still be present following surgery. It is important that patients have a consultation with Dr. O’Toole so that he can determine the type of fat that is present, and present all of the options available to patients.


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