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Patients suffering aging, sagging skin in Los Angeles often lack confidence in their day-to-day interactions. While they’re smart, experienced, capable people, these patients believe that others think less of them because of the way they look. In an area like Los Angeles that values vigor and vitality, anything that seems to betray a lack of energy is damaging to your reputation. Fortunately, a facelift is a safe, simple way of restoring much of the lost vigor to your face.  More and more patients are getting their facelift questions answered, undergoing the procedure and leaving Pasadena Cosmetic Surgery satisfied. While your plastic surgeon will walk you through your face lift options, one popular question, “Who is a candidate for a face lift,” can be addressed right now.

Many Good Candidates

Because face lifts are so safe and common, they’ve been performed often enough that surgeons have been able to improve the procedure to the point where most patients are good candidates. If you’re suffering from the signs of wear and aging, you are likely a good candidate for a face lift. There are a few considerations.

  • Good overall health: Like any cosmetic procedure, the face lift carries some risk, and having good general health reduces those risks.
  • Skin elasticity: Supple, flexible skin will make the procedure go smoother and ensure a better result after completion.
  • Good bone structure: The bones of your face form a kind of foundation for the face lift. If the foundation is sound, the structure built on top of it will likely be as well. A good bone structure will make the result of your face lift look more natural.

Dr. O’Toole will be able to tell you if you’re a good candidate for a face lift at your initial consultation.

If you’re in the Los Angeles area and you’ve noticed the signs of aging becoming apparent, a face lift might be an option for you. Please contact Pasadena Cosmetic Surgery today to arrange a free consultation.