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Woman sitting in chairUnless you have spent the last decade and a half under a rock then you should know that obesity is a major problem in America. Lack of exercise and activity by most accounts is the root of the problem. Dr. O’Toole has many patients tell him that the increase in their weight happened gradually, yet no matter what they tried they were unsuccessful at losing weight in the areas that matter. Dr. O’Toole recommends liposuction both traditional and Smartlipo to target the specific areas in which the patient has concerns. Liposuction results are highly dependent upon the expertise of the doctor. Dr. O’Toole is proud of decades of successful results and the fact that he can use both forms of liposuction to tailor the results best for each patient. Maintaining a healthy level of activity will need to always be a part of every patients lifestyle. According to KTLA new exercise guidelines released by the American College of Sports Medicine Tuesday may be more detailed than the last, but don’t worry — the overriding message is that pretty much any kind of activity is better than sitting on the sofa. Thanks to copious new research the guidelines, last updated in 1998, got an upgrade. The 150-minute or more per week rule for cardio is still there, as is information on strength training. Perhaps the biggest change is the relaxing of stringent exercise guidelines, says Carol Ewing Garber, ACSM vice president and associate professor of movement science at Columbia University. The previous approach emphasized reaching goals for cardio and strength training, a la, “You must do this or you won’t improve your fitness and health,” Garber says. Sure, it would be great for people to reach those goals every week, but that probably won’t happen. “Research now supports the fact that you can do less than what’s recommended and still get benefits. Your weight may stay the same, but your overall health may improve.”


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