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Prescription Pills Antibiotic use has skyrocketed over the years. A new research study looks at the correlation between obesity rates and the use of antibiotics. Often patients have the idea that antibiotics are not a very important part of their post surgical instructions. This is absolutely untrue. Most surgical patients are instructed to take prescription antibiotics following surgery. This is precautionary in the hopes of avoiding postsurgical infection. Dr. O’Toole explains the importance to breast augmentation patients with breast implants. Avoiding infection is critical since the breast implants are foreign to the body. Infection after breast augmentation surgery even when combined with a breast lift is extremely rare ;however, it is advised that patients take all antibiotics as prescribed by Dr. O’Toole. Antibiotics should be considered just as seriously as other prescription medications. According to The Los Angeles Times we’ve all heard that the overuse of antibiotics is making them less effective and fueling the rise of dangerous drug-resistant bacteria. But did you know it may also be fueling the rise of obesity, diabetes, allergies and asthma? So says Dr. Martin Blaser, microbiologist and infectious disease specialist at New York University Langone Medical Center who studies the myriad bacteria that live on and in our bodies. He explains his theory in a commentary published in Thursday’s edition of the journal Nature. Blaser urges doctors to dial back on using antibiotics in pregnant women and children. Ideally, researchers can develop new antibiotics that can target pathogens with greater precision, leaving more of the microbiome intact. Also needed will be tests that can rapidly identify the specific pathogen responsible for an illness.
There may even be a role for probiotic drugs, to introduce – or reintroduce – useful bacteria that are missing from our bodies, he says.


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