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Woman touching her chinAccording to My Fox LA  a new study shows that learning a second language could be good for your brain.

A bilingual person may have extra protection against the onset of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, reported Discover Magazine .

Psychologist and lead researcher Ellen Bialystok and her team analyzed more than 200 Alzheimer’s patients who had similar amounts of acumen. Half of them were bilingual; the other half were not.

The study found that those who were bilingual were not diagnosed until four years later than the other half, according to Discover.

“Being bilingual has certain cognitive benefits and boosts the performance of the brain, especially one of the most important areas known as the executive control system,” Bialystok told The Guardian .

“We know that this system deteriorates with age but we have found that at every stage of life it functions better in bilinguals. They perform at a higher level. It won’t stop them getting Alzheimer’s disease, but they can cope with the disease for longer.”

A sharp mind as we age has become even more important as life expectancies have increased. Learning multiple languages, completing crossword puzzles frequently, and maintaining social and intellectual conversations are all effective methods to maintaining a sharp mind. Dr. O’Toole often hears from his older patients that they feel great, yet the one thing that bothers them is the loose and lax skin on the eyelid and underneath the eye. A blepharoplasty(upper and lower eyelid lift) is extremely effective in helping the patient to look younger and more energetic. Most patients tell Dr. O’Toole have been known the knees of the recovery they would have had the procedure much earlier.


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