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chocolate cupcakesTemptation is something we all struggle with. Avoiding temptation seems more difficult when it is happening to you. According to a recent article in Psychology Todaybeing proactive about avoiding temptation helps us to be much more successful.The article advises that self-control plays a large part in how successful we are at avoiding temptation. One of the tips is to take each day, one day at a time and avoid over analyzing and setting long-range goals. Another tip is to keep the goal always in focus. Rewarding yourself for achieving small goals along the way is also very effective for most people. The temptation most women struggle with is indulging in foods that are not good for our waistline. These foods include sweets, fried foods, and salty snacks. The tips in the article are effective in avoiding food temptations. Dr. O’Toole treats patients who have successfully avoided food temptations lost weight ,and maintained a stable and healthy weight. These patients are happy with their weight loss but usually unhappy with the contour of their body. Many of these patients have a large amount of loose skin on their arms, upper thighs, abdomen and neck. Contrary to what some may believe there is no other effective way to remove or tighten loose skin other than plastic surgery. The procedure is reconstructive  in nature and should never be taken lightly. Dr. O’Toole explains during the consultation that the patients should focus on areas that are most troublesome first. Typically it is not safe to perform all of the procedures needed in one operation. For the arms, Dr. O’Toole typically recommend a brachioplasty. This allows him to remove the excess skin from the underside of the upper arm. For the upper thighs, Dr. O’Toole will usually recommend a thigh lift which will allow him to remove the skin from the upper portion of the thigh. For the abdomen the recommendation will be an extended abdominoplasty with an incision from hipbone to hipbone low in the bikini line. This allows Dr. O’Toole to remove the abdominal skin with beautiful results. For the neck the patient will usually need a lower facelift. Plastic surgery after major weight loss is an excellent reward for patients who have worked so hard to achieve there best appearance and health.


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