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Be careful of frenemies on FacebookAccording to The Los Angeles Times Facebook friends may not be all that friendly, according to a new survey. In yet another examination of the negative social and psychological vibes generated by Facebook participation, researchers reported this week that 85% of women say they have been annoyed by their Facebook friends’ postings.

The survey of more than 400 women, from Eversave, a company that offers daily deals online, was conducted to examine how social networking influences consumers’ reactions to daily deals. Researchers found that women said they use Facebook to keep their friends informed of their lives (79% of the participants) and to share information (64%).

But 85% said their Facebook buddies use the site to brag or overshare. The participants said too many people complain all the time, share unsolicited political views or brag “about seemingly perfect lives.”

“We were surprised by the responses that show the love/hate relationships women have with Facebook,” Jere Doyle, chief executive of Prospectiv, which owns Eversave, said in a news release.

In the new age of social networking it is important to be aware of your plastic surgery decisions and with whom, and where they are shared. Breast augmentation  patients tend to be anxious and happy to share their results and experiences with their friends. Dr. O’Toole understand this because many of his patients come from referrals. The key is to be careful and share  information with people in whom you trust.


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