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There is no shortage of weight loss advice through virtually any medium. Dr. O’Toole explains to patients who have been successful at losing weight and maintaining a stable weight that the loose skin remaining can be successfully removed through surgery. Most patients express dissatisfaction with their arms, stomach, and thighs. For the arms, Dr. O’Toole recommends a brachioplasty. This procedure removes the skin on the underside of the arm. For the stomach, an abdominoplasty may be recommended. The extent of the incision is highly dependent on the degree of correction needed. The thighs can be improved greatly with a thighplasty. This procedure tightens and removes sagging skin from the top of the knee up to the top of the thighs. While these procedures require a commitment to recovery, the results could never be achieved through diet and exercise. Patients should continue diet and exercise programs to maintain the best results. According to ABC7 a new study shows that having the right music while exercising can actually help people lose weight faster. A Scandinavian study found when music tempo was increased 10 percent, cyclists went further and pedaled harder. Besides pacing, lyrics with motivational phrases such as “work it,” “stronger,” or “I believe” can subconsciously move people to exercise longer.There’s also another way music helps melt fat; researchers say music helps block sensations of fatigue and alters the perception of exertion. In other words, a person can work harder without feeling as tired.


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