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Woman touching her chinFor most of us the term drifter conjures up the idea that a person has no home of their own. According to a recent industry article a drifter can also be a cosmetic surgeon with no permanent practice location. According to the article only 21 of our states require licensing and/or accreditation of offices in which surgery is performed. Unqualified doctors simply drift to states in which there is big demand and no oversight.  In the states that are lax, surgery is frequently performed in a facility that has no reliable backup plan in case of emergency. Further, doctors who drift usually don’t have hospital privileges to perform procedures that they do in the office, so, in case of complication, these doctors cannot even accompany patients to the hospital. Dr. O’Toole explains to every patient that as an ASPS board-certified plastic surgeon he is well qualified and experienced to perform both in office procedures as well as procedures in a surgical suite. Dr. O’Toole has the credentials to accompany patients to the hospital should that become necessary. Dr. O’Toole is passionate about exceeding the expectation of his patients and providing excellent results as well as affordable alternative in order for patients to be able to proceed with surgery. One of the in- office procedures Dr. O’Toole offers is Smartlipo®. Unlike some doctors that offer the procedure Dr. O’Toole only allows the recommendation for patients who are good candidates for the procedure. Traditional liposuction may be a better option for patients who have more complex cases that will require more sculpting and artistic contouring. Either way patients are assured that they are receiving the best patient care from not only Dr. O’Toole but also his longtime experienced patient coordinator Sarah. Dr. O’Toole is well aware of the competition he faces from unqualified non-board-certified doctors. As a veteran ASPS board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. O’Toole realizes that as patients become more educated concerning cosmetic surgery, the fly-by-night drifters will have less of a platform in which to operate.


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