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Biggest loser winner The fear of weight gain after massive weight loss is not only a common fear it is legitimate. According to a recent article in the Los Angeles Times the latest winner of the popular television show “Biggest Loser” shared his fear for regaining the more than 200 pounds that he lost during the show. His fear is well-founded because most people do gain at least some of the way back, if not all of it, and more. This sparks yo-yo dieting which has proven to be linked to many health concerns.The article emphasized that once a person realizes that they have a food addiction they have to treat the weight loss as a lifestyle change. This means making better choices as far as what they eat on a daily basis. It also means not allowing themselves to be without the support of others who share their common goal which is to keep the weight off. The article also pointed out that following an exercise regimen consistently can also help people to keep the weight off. Exercising regularly burns off calories and that helps people maintain a stable weight. For patients who have lost large amounts of weight and have been able to keep the weight off Dr. O’Toole offers post massive weight loss plastic surgery procedures that can be extremely beneficial in achieving better contour. Typically most patients complain about loose skin on their arms, abdomen, and chest. Dr. O’Toole will typically recommend an abdominoplasty which will allow him to remove the majority of excess skin in the front of the abdomen. In most cases he can combine the procedure with liposuction for better contour and shape. For the arms, if there is excessive skin Dr. O’Toole can perform a brachioplasty or arm lift which will remove the excess skin on the underside of the arm. While there will be a scar, it is well hidden on the underside of the arm. For the chest, women can have a breast lift and possibly add a small implant for better shape. Dr. O’Toole will remove the excess skin and create better contour for the patient. For  men, if the skin is excessive Dr. O’Toole is able to reduce the amount of skin and in some patients perform a gynecomastia procedure which will also take care of excess breast tissue that often develops in overweight men. Patients should be encouraged after losing massive amounts of weight. While the fear of regaining the weight is real, patients who invest in post massive weight loss plastic surgery procedures are less likely to regain the weight because of the substantial financial investment in themselves. Also, they look better and feel better about themselves.


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