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Burger, fries and a drinkA new study claims that obese people have a difficult time controlling real food impulses. Their uncontrollable urges are suspected to the be reason behind their obesity. Dr. O’Toole explains to patients that after their investment in cosmetic plastic surgery procedures,maintaining a healthy weight is the best way to assure long-term results.  Patients who are having weight fluctuations can negatively affect their cosmetic surgery results. This is not only for body contouring procedures like abdominoplasty or liposuction, this also includes breast augmentation results. It is obvious that gaining weight will affect body contouring and that patients will be larger than they were after surgery. But, breast augmentation patients can also have a negative result by adding weight to their breast size. This could lead to sagging which could lead to a breast lift recommendation as the best way to allow the patient to have the results they enjoyed previously. Healthy weight and a healthy lifestyle must be part of the long-term plan after plastic surgery. It is important for patients to deny their impulses. According to KTLA, thin people may be able to summon more mental defenses to resist tempting, high-calorie foods than obese people, researchers said on Monday. Brain scans of thin people who looked at pictures of high-calorie foods showed increased activity in a region of the brain used for impulse control, but obese people showed little activity in this region, the researchers found.


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