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Patients today are bombarded with marketing words like”simple”, “easy”, “natural”and the list goes on. With plastic surgery these words can be very enticing. Marketers have even made an effort to replace the word surgery with procedure. Over the years one thing has never changed. When patients invest in cosmetic procedures especially those performed by a plastic surgeon they expect a dramatic result. History has shown us that a smaller investment does not reduce the patient expectations. Dr. O’Toole consults with patients who are facelift candidates and have been convinced through marketing that a less invasive”procedure”is the same as a facelift. Dr. O’Toole makes it clear to his patients that every patient ages differently and that advanced aging is virtually impossible to correct with minimally invasive procedures. Many of the reports patients see about minimally invasive facelift are marketing based. The before and after photos are frequently provided by the manufacturer and omit specific details of when the photos were taken. The blood “natural” facelift is no exception. According to CBS the Selphyl procedure, is a process that uses your own natural biology to fight off aging. The process involves no man-made injectables, but blood that is re-injected into areas to build collagen.

“You’re reducing wrinkles and adding volume, the essence of youthfulness,” said a local doctor.

The blood is processed before the injection. The doctor says results take at least 6 weeks to appear.

“Its all about stimulating collagen stimulation… the same principles as we use to heal wounds we use in the face to plump and get rid of wrinkles and rejuvenate,” the doctor said.


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