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Brides naturally want to look their very best on their wedding day. Recently, American Medical Association news writer, Victoria Elliott, wrote about brides using cosmetic surgery treatments to look their absolute best on the big day.   Brian Lawrence, owner of Local Traffic Builder, a wedding industry Web site company based in River Edge, N.Y. is also aware of this trend.  “There’s definitely a lot of self-improvement when brides are planning their weddings, he states. “And there is tremendous motivation for a bride to look her best and feel her best.” 

The most recent stats in 2008 show that the wedding industry is nearly $60 billion a year in revenues. This, naturally, is spent primarily on items like catering, invitations, liquor, clothing and the all-important wedding photos. According to the AmMed article, nearly $300 million was spent by brides-to-be in 2008 simply to lose weight. Therefore, it’s not surprising to learn that some plastic surgery and dermatology practices do quite a bit to attract the interest of brides-to-be.

Although our Pasadena cosmetic surgery practice doesn’t do anything specific to reach out to brides-to-be’s and their family members, we offer a huge menu of treatments that can help the bride (and her entourage ) to look fabulous on her special day. Knowing that many brides and grooms need treatments for acne scarring, we offer both CO2 and fractional lasers for everything from mild discoloration to the deepest scars.  For older brides and moms, our fractional laser system utilizes a unique technology to reduce wrinkles and tighten the skin, all while creating a beautiful glow in tone and a smoother texture.

For Moms wanting a fresher face for the event and afterwards, the offerings run the gamut from fat transfers, filler injections, chemical peels, laser treatments and other ways to a more luminous visage for the Big Day as well as the weeks before and after.

Many brides want to refresh their body contours as well—not only to fit into the Most Important Dress Of Their Lives but to look great in a swimsuit during the honeymoon. I have a vast array of options here to benefit Bathing Beauties including liposuction and laser hair removal.  The downtime on these treatments is minimal but the results can be fabulous, especially if there is time for a series of treatments to obtain the best results.

If you, a member of your family, or a friend is planning a wedding and wants to look spectacular, my advice is not to wait until the last minute. There’s so much to do, that it often happens that women call us two weeks before the wedding in hopes of making significant changes and it’s just too late to adequately recover by that time. Not only that, but you don’t want to be red in the face in those all-important photos!

To your health & beauty,

Dr. Martin O’Toole