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Young boy with his tongue out Bullying is not a new for children. Although, there has been a lot of media attention on the subject lately. A recent ABC news story told of a young 13-year-old girl whose parents allowed her to have a rhinoplasty procedure following taunts and teasing on Facebook. The parents likened the decision to buying braces or a new wardrobe for their teenager. One New York plastic surgeon claimed that 25% of the rhinoplasty procedures that he performs are because of bullying. According to the story the child is now involved in cheerleading and her self-esteem and confidence have been greatly improved. Dr. O’Toole counsels parents who question whether plastic surgery is a good idea for their child.  Dr. O’Toole is careful to explain to the parents and the child the limitations of the procedure and the fact that there are no guarantees that the teasing will end. The more popular procedures for young people include rhinoplastyotoplasty or ear pinning, and gynecomastia surgery for young men. Young men who suffer from excessive male breast tissue are often the source of bullying to the extent that some young patients skip gym class altogether to avoid being seen shirtless. Most parents and patients would agree that making the investment for teenagers to have plastic surgery, provided they are a suitable candidate, is commonly a decision with very few(if any) regrets.


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