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For many years now, it has been widely known in the cosmetic and plastic surgery world that BOTOX® injections are used to treat the signs of aging, including helping to remove forehead wrinkles, crow’s feet, and lines between the eyebrows. However, not many people are aware that these facial rejuvenating injections can also be used to help prevent migraine headaches.

Migraine headaches can often be debilitating and extremely painful, and may last for several days. Although several medications have been used to treat migraine headaches once they have started, there is no other cure or preventive treatment for these intrusive headaches.

Now, with the use of BOTOX® injections, patients can start to feel some relief. Botox® has been approved as a preventive treatment for men and women who suffer migraine headaches at least 15 days a month.

Using a very tiny needle, a qualified and experienced professional will administer 30 injections in various locations – shoulders, neck, temple, forehead, and throughout the scalp. Typically, patients will undergo two treatments over the course of three months in order to achieve maximum results.

 Although BOTOX® cannot cure migraines for good, they can help prevent migraines from reoccurring as often. Most patients have reported fewer migraine headaches after undergoing BOTOX® injections and continue to undergo regular treatments in order to maintain and improve their results.

The best way to determine if you are a candidate for BOTOX® as a preventive treatment for migraine headaches is to visit an experienced medical professional. During a consultation, you will discuss your history with migraines and the options available to help reduce their occurrence.

If you would like to learn more regarding BOTOX® injections to treat migraine headaches and live in or around Los Angeles, Covina, Hollywood, Pasadena, or Arcadia, please feel free to contact Dr. Martin O’Toole to schedule a consultation. Please call Dr. O’Toole at (626) 689-7800 or fill out our online contact form. We look forward to meeting you!