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Fat is not self-regenerating. Once removed by Los Angeles plastic surgeon Dr. Martin O’Toole, it cannot come back. This holds true for fat removed during tummy tuck surgery, a mommy makeover, or even a simple liposuction procedure. Fat removal is permanent.

While fat removal is permanent, there is no procedure that can prevent future accumulation if you do not take steps to maintain your results. This may require changing habits including diet and exercise routines, and remaining committed to living a healthy and active lifestyle.

Keeping Trim and Toned

A poor diet and general inactivity will lead to weight gain. Fortunately, a healthy diet and active lifestyle help keep the body trim and toned, and remain the easiest ways to maintain your body contouring results.

Diet and exercise needn’t be daunting or extreme. There are a number of healthy dietary options both at home and at a number of California restaurants – and our state offers myriad opportunities for keeping active. The most difficult task is winnowing your options down to find what appeals most to you.

Your body contouring procedure can provide a springboard for a more rewarding lifestyle and, in turn, that lifestyle can help you maintain your results. Dr. O’Toole would be happy to discuss these things in great detail during your next consultation at our Pasadena office.

To learn more about tummy tuck surgery and other body contouring procedures, please contact Pasadena Cosmetic Surgery today.