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Preservatives Consumers seem to be anxious to try new health and wellness drinks, and supplements with little or no solid testing behind them. From a marketing perspective if a celebrity is tied to product, it seems to generate even more sales quickly. A new cocktail mix was recently pulled from the shelves of a small major grocery retailer because it contains a suspected carcinogenic. Unfortunately, just because one store has pulled the product that does not mean that the product is no longer available. Health and wellness drinks can contain a multitude of ingredients that may be on the list of supplements to avoid prior to surgery. Dr. O’Toole explains topatients that as they prepare for surgery there is a list of supplements to avoid that include omega-3 and vitamin E. These supplements are commonly found in health drinks. Patients may sometimes forget to include the products as part of the list of over-the-counter supplements and drugs that they take on a daily basis. Procedures such as breast augmentation and liposuction which are popular and relatively common can cause patients to take for granted that supplements or over-the-counter medications have risk that  can interfere with surgery. Prior to surgery patients should avoid all supplements and medications not pre approved by Dr. O’Toole. According to CBS  a reality star’s margarita mix may give you more than a buzz. Critics say Bethenny Frankel’s Skinnygirl Margarita contains a preservative that can cause cancer.


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