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According to the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery (AACS), the average age of patients undergoing invasive cosmetic surgery has increased by two years. The findings were based on data collected by the AACS from 2002 until 2007.

During that time period, the mean age of patients undergoing the top ten invasive procedures grew by two years.  The invasive procedures to see the largest growth in popularity are liposuction, forehead lift, sclerotherapy and facelift. Botox®, the most common non-invasive treatment, has also seen an average age increase of two years.

The aging population and the baby boomer generation are most likely the reason for this trend. Baby boomers make up approximately 28% of the U.S. population and AARP is the largest national special interest group. The baby boomer generation accounts for people aged 42-64 and the average age of patients undergoing invasive and non-invasive procedures are 42.6 and 42.4, respectively.

The findings proved liposuction to be the most popular invasive procedure and Botox® to be the top non-invasive treatment. There has also been a 13.7% increase in male cosmetic surgery from 2002 until 2007.

The survey also showed that invasive plastic surgery only made up 23% of the procedures. Perhaps this aging trend can be attributed to the fact that non-invasive treatments, particularly Botox® and other wrinkle reducers, are targeted towards an older demographic. It will be interesting to see if this trend continues or reverses.