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Mature coupleEnjoying the golden years together may mean more now than ever before. Gone are the days when women and men were supposed to grow old gracefully and embrace their wrinkles. Patients in growing numbers are realizing that growing older doesn’t mean they need to look old. According to a recent NBC news story couples seeking cosmetic plastic surgery together is becoming a growing trend. The uptick in the number of couples seeking cosmetic plastic surgery is believed to be due to the increase in men considering elective plastic surgery procedures. Typically men were more likely to be embarrassed or feel vain about pursuing cosmetic surgery procedures. That has changed.  Also, according to the news story the world for men over 50 has become much more competitive. This applies to job seekers and bachelors alike. A more youthful appearance is likely to give a man or woman a competitive advantage. Dr. O’Toole explains to couples who are considering cosmetic surgery procedures that each patient must consider the best procedures based on their particular needs and desires. Dr. O’Toole’s recommendations can vary from patient to patient so therefore couples should not expect the same recommendation for both patients. Minimally invasive procedures like Botox, fillers, or laser are more likely to be suitable for both patients. Procedures such as liposuction, or facelift could prove to be recommendations for one of the patients and not for the other. These procedures would also require someone to help take care of the patients throughout their recovery. With proper planning this scenario works very well. Couples who strive to look young together can also serve as an excellent support system for each other through the recovery process.


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