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Blonde womanAccording to The Los Angeles Times scoliosis, a condition marked by sideways curvature of the spine, is often detected during adolescence, a surprising and mystifying diagnosis for children and their parents.

About 85 percent of cases occur in otherwise healthy children and, until recently, doctors have had no way to tell initially whether minor curvatures would end up requiring surgery or no treatment at all.

Observation and frequent X-rays have been the traditional method of tracking the condition and the only way that a doctor could determine whether a child needed to wear a back brace. But doctors have concerns about using so many X-rays for children.

“Most physicians believe in zero tolerance,” said Dr. Steven Mardjetko, of the Illinois Bone and Joint Institute in Morton Grove. “There is good evidence that we need to minimize radiation exposure to children.”

A study released in late 2010 determined that a tool available to spine specialists since 2009 — the ScoliScore AIS Prognostic Test — has a 99 percent accuracy rate. The results of the study, which looked at 700 patients who had received the ScoliScore test since 2009, were reported in the journal Spine. The research was funded by Axial Biotech, which developed the test.

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