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Checking blood pressure As women age certain health risk are increased.  One disease women should be concerned about is heart disease.  Many call it the silent killer. According to The Los Angeles Times eating green leafy vegetables can help to fight  the disease even when it is genetic. ”Our research suggests there may be an important interplay between genes and diet in cardiovascular disease,” said lead author Ron Do, in a news release. Do, who did the study while at McGill University (he’s now at Massachusetts General Hospital) added, “Future research is necessary to understand the mechanism of this interaction, which will shed light on the underlying metabolic processes that the 9p21 gene is involved in.”  This study is significant because it addresses preventive measures that every woman should adopt into  their lifestyle. On occasion patients who are interested in procedures like liposuction, or facelift may not be aware of concerns with their blood pressure as an indicator of heart disease.  Patients who consult with Dr. O’Toole must have their blood pressure under control prior to surgery. It is Dr. O’Toole’s desire that each patient have a pleasant healthy and safe experience as well, as great  results.


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