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Drinks Diet soda may seem to be an unlikely source of weight gain but some say that is not so. No one likes to have fat show up in unattractive places like the upper and lower back. Dr. O’Toole explains to his patients that fat that has a stuck on appearance responds greatly to liposuction. The procedure is not for people who are overweight. Liposuction allows Dr. O’Toole to sculpt and shape areas such as the back, love handles, and outer thighs. Both traditional liposuction and Smart Lipo are offered and after an individual customized consultation Dr. O’Toole will recommend which liposuction procedure will provide the most benefit for the patient. It is important for patients to understand that they are still susceptible to gaining weight a healthy diet is imperative. Diet soda maybe one item that they will need to give up. According to The Los Angeles Times diet soda may indeed be associated with weight gain, as a new study suggests, but the fault may lie in your head, not necessarily your metabolism. In a study that has sparked headlines along the lines of “Diet soda makes you fat,” researchers found that people who drank diet soda for nearly a decade gained more stomach pudge than diet-drink abstainers.


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