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Money falling into a pileIn a shaky financial climate the media tends to focus on consumers financial decisions and label them as either” poor decisions” or “great investments”. It is easy for many to look at cosmetic plastic surgery as a poor financial decision. However, regardless of the economy ,over the years patients repeatedly have reported some of the highest satisfaction ratings of all medical procedures. Dr. O’Toole shares with his patients the value of procedures such as a facelift or abdominoplasty. These procedures are great values because over time patient can enjoy the cosmetic benefits even as they age. Assuming they’re not significant changes in the patients health and weight these procedures allow patients to enjoy better contour, and a more youthful appearance regardless of their stated age. The majority of Dr. O’Toole’s patients share with friends and family that there plastic surgery was one of the best financial investments they have ever made. Poor financial decisions are made in many areas of our lives. Dr. O’Toole makes every effort to assist his patient so that plastic surgery is not one of them. According to KTLA the results from a recent study indicated that stress, perhaps in the form of an unstable stock market or high unemployment, might cause people to make even more risky financial decisions.
In stressful situations, the researchers found, people tend to fall back on more basic, automatic thought processes and end up being “less able to utilize more rational and deliberative thinking” when making decisions.

Just something to keep in mind as you assess — and react to — any damage to that 401(k).


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