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Stack of moneyThe cost of obesity is tallied in the media quite often.  But ,few people think about the additional cost to buy healthier foods. According to an online women’s magazine, health food can sometimes cost more than four times as much as junk food. Take, for example, some varieties of organic produce, which can cost up to $5.99 a pound, where a cheeseburger costs only 99 cents. That is a significant difference. But,those who are overweight or obese are estimated to pay about $400 extra per year in health costs than their normal weight counterparts. And they are more at risk to develop diseases like type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease. So,  paying an extra couple of bucks for healthy products makes good sense for our wallets and our waistline. Dr. O’Toole stresses not only the importance of a healthy diet and exercise program but also the importance of  addressing the problem areas as soon as they are of noticeable concern.  A proactive approach to plastic surgery is the most cost-effective way to maintain your best appearance.  For example, havingliposuction in the of  abdominal area before the area becomes too large and the skin is stretched makes good sense for most women. Once there is too much loose and lax skin an abdominoplasty would be a better recommendation.


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