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While a good nights sleep and pleasant dreams make us feel good, there is new evidence that it also makes us healthier. According to a recent article in the Huffington Post dreaming helps us much more than we originally thought. According to the article a good dream can help to wipeout stress and bad memories. Researchers from the University of  California, Berkeley, found that our brains process emotional experiences during the Rapid Eye Movement phase of sleep and this makes painful memories easier to deal with.What is significant about this, is that it shows the value of entering into a restful state where dreams can actually occur.”The dream stage of sleep, based on its unique neurochemical composition, provides us with a form of overnight therapy, a soothing balm that removes the sharp edges from the prior day’s emotional experiences,” added co-author of the study, Professor Matthew Walker .In a stressful society where hustle and bustle define most days it can be difficult for people to relax and actually get enough useful sleep each night. Needless to say, this affects both their health and their appearance. Dr. O’Toole helps his patients understand that not only will a restful night sleep benefit the way that they feel, but also their ability to think and have clear judgment. Patients who have consistently neglected getting the proper amount of sleep often tell Dr. O’Toole that their eyes actually look more tired than they feel. By this they typically mean that the skin on the eyelid has become loose and lax and that they have “bags” beneath their eyes. Often the brow is low as the muscle has weakened with age and with a lack of sleep patients often strain the muscle in the brow in an effort to look more alert. Dr. O’Toole often recommends a blepharoplasty or eyelid lift combined with a brow lift. These combined procedures are extremely beneficial and can help a patient to look much more alert and youthful. Most patients are able to return to their social activities and work duties within 7 to 10 days. As an expert in both procedures, Dr. O’Toole reminds patients that his skill in performing these procedures creates a much more natural appearance and most of their friends and family will not recognize immediately that they have had a cosmetic surgery procedure performed. Patients appreciate that they look like themselves only better. It is important that patients lead a healthy lifestyle including getting enough rest,sleep, exercise and a healthy diet.


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