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According to The Los Angeles Times  Usually we think of testosterone as a hormone that men have — in abundance. But testosterone plays a big role in setting the pace for a woman’s sex drive as well. And both men and women experience a natural drop in testosterone that can cause libido to ebb in midlife.

Testosterone levels peak in the mid-20s for both men and women. For women, who have about 1/10 to 1/20 the amount of testosterone that men have, testosterone levels taper off slowly until they plateau around the age of 45. For men, testosterone levels continue to wane into their 70s.

By the time women reach menopause, their testosterone levels are about half of what they were in their 20s. Men’s testosterone levels decrease by about 1% per year and then drop faster as they approach older age.

Patients are sometimes surprised to learn that plastic surgery can make a difference in the intimacy and sex life of a couple. It is not unusual for a patient to tell Dr. O’Toole that she does not feel desirable in lingerie or other intimate clothing. Often the woman has suffered the effects of aging and or childbearing on her body. Typically the complaint focuses mostly on the breast. Through the years breast will usually lose volume and begin to sag. Dr. O’Toole will usually recommend a breast augmentation combined with a breast lift. He offers both silicone and saline implants. He encourages his patients not to be self-conscious about the procedure because of their age. It is never too late to be sexy!


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