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People walking in the beachAccording to The Los Angeles Times thinking about starting an exercise program to help lose weight? If you find some activity that allows you to regularly work out early in the day with the same group of people — and it’s something you like — then you’re well on your way.

Conversely, if you plan to exercise at the end of the day at home, alone, on some machine you bought from an infomercial, prepare to continue being fat.

Social context, self-control and positive reinforcement play critical roles in exercise adherence, and the data provide interesting insight that can be used to increase your likelihood of following through.

Let’s start with a look at “what” you choose to do.

Running burns more calories than cycling, but you may enjoy the latter yet hate the former. Operant conditioning theory states that if a stimulus, such as exercise, elicits a positive response, such as enjoyment or contentment, then people will seek to reproduce those feelings by engaging in the behavior again. The lesson: When picking an exercise, choose maximum enjoyment over maximum results, and the positive reinforcement will help you stick with it.

Moving on to “when,” things gets simpler: The later in the day you push your exercise session, the more likely you are to bail out and instead plow butt-first into a Doritos-covered couch.

When exercising with friends it is not unusual to hear the  problem of unwanted fat that remains in unwanted areas as conversation. Dr. O’Toole offers both Smart Lipo as well as traditional liposuction. These procedures help patients to target specific areas. Patients are usually able to return to their exercise routine relatively quickly.


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