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After getting breast implants, you will eventually be able to return to a normal exercise routine. Running, biking, swimming, weight lifting and other activities may feel a little different if your breasts are much larger, but you should be able to adapt to your breast size in the months following surgery.

Immediately after your surgery, your physical activity is limited to walking. Don’t try to do anything strenuous, even if it’s a lower body workout, because you shouldn’t raise your blood pressure too high during this time.

After two to three weeks, you should be able to engage in more strenuous exercises, although you shouldn’t do any weightlifting that uses your pectoral muscles. For most patients, full activities can be resumed at four to six weeks after breast augmentation.

Everyone heals a little differently. If you are a person who does a lot of exercise and physical activity, Dr. Martin O’Toole works with you to create a schedule for re-entering exercise with breast implants. Although you’ll have to take some time off from the most intensive activities, this downtime is essential to your wellbeing and the quality of your results.

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