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Woman touching her chin After 40 years of age looking for eyesight options is inevitable. Unfortunately it is easy to overlook the appearance of the eyes. Many patients experience droopy eyelids and bags beneath eyes.For women the droopy eyelid not only interferes with vision it can also cause a problem with creasing in the eyeshadow makeup that women wear. This is not only unsightly it can make a woman look many years older than her real age.Dr. O’Toole recommends a blepharoplasty which can be performed on both the upper and lower eyelids.As a board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. O’Toole is uniquely qualified to remove the excess skin while preserving better aesthetically pleasing results.According to ABC7 once you hit 40, your eyesight naturally starts to deteriorate. The inability to focus close up as you age is called presbyopia. Reading glasses are usually the first line of treatment, but doctors are offering a whole range of different options.

“You can wear glasses, you can wear contact lenses, or you can have treatment either with a laser or a lens,” said ophthalmologist Dr. Paul Dougherty

Dougherty says whether you wear glasses or opt for surgery, each type of treatment offers its own set of options.

Doctors say you can try out the monovision or the bifocal option with glasses before you have anything permanentlydone.


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