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Couple on a dateAccording to The Los Angeles Times listen up all you single people…it’s not you, it’s California!

If you’re looking for romance, the Golden State is anything but the place to be.

According to, the least romantic city in the entire United States  —  underscore entire country —  is El Monte!

And don’t feel too bad El Monte…no California city even made the top 20. Sorta gives new meaning to the term, “I left my heart in San Francisco”…apparently everyone else has, too!

In other words, if you’re looking for love…move!


Before Valentine’s Day if you can help it!

Apparently Californians are good for sun worshipping, working out, eating sushi and finding great Mexican food…we love the beach, and our pets…and our children. And maybe not in that order.

But when it comes to romance, love and intimacy…well, we suck. named “The Top 20 Most Romantic Cities In America” and we didn’t get any play.

They compiled the list in a curious way, to be fair. The company based their data on sales of romance novels, romantic comedies, relationship books, sexual wellness products and…of course, Barry White records!

Looking for romance? Move to Alexandria, Virginia. Knoxville, Tennessee came in second. Orlando and Miami came in third and fourth, respectively.

Following El Monte for least romantic was Paterson, New Jersey and Miami Gardens, Florida.

This tongue-in-cheek article is meant to highlight the geographical challenges of finding ”the one”. Dr. O’Toole stresses the importance of patients making decisions based on their own desires rather than the request of a significant other. For instance, patients considering breast augmentation should select sizing based on their own level of comfort. Plastic surgery is personal and patients will have the best experience when they are true to their own desires.


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