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Woman on the phoneFor the majority of Americans who go to work, staying healthy is a challenge.  A recent online health magazine pointed to three healthy tips for workers.  The first was surprisingly, to brush your teeth after drinking  your morning cup of coffee. According to the article the sugar in your coffee, especially when coupled with the dry mouth often associated with caffeine consumption, can create an environment that promotes tooth decay. Tooth decay is known to lead to a number of additional health problems.  The second tip included walking as much as possible during the day in the office,to build stamina and muscle tone The third tip was to disinfect all areas of your desk that you touch on a daily basis to prevent catching a cold or the flu. These healthy at work tips align well with advice for patients who work and are considering cosmetic surgery.Dr. O’Toole stresses to patients that they must be healthy at the time of surgery.  This includes being free from a cold or chest congestion.  Patients who work ,should prepare for the correct recovery times based on their procedure and their personal situation.  For example, a general recovery  period for patients having breast augmentation or liposuction is 5 to 7  days.  However, if the patient has a job that requires lifting or strenuous repetitive motion Dr. O’Toole may recommend additional time off from work.  Patient should be sure to schedule their surgery with plenty of time to make arrangements so that they can have the best cosmetic surgery experience.


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