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Man and woman looking at eachotherOrganic and natural herbs and supplements have mass appeal for those who believe in natural enhancements. Some  products promise to increase sexual desire that makes them even more appealing. According to a recent Los Angeles Times article herbal supplements that promise to increase sexual desire are a hot commodity as we approach Valentine’s Day. According to the article the two most popular brands  both make lofty claims about improving desire for both men and women. One of the products promises not only to increase desire for women but to also create it if it has been lost altogether. Both products claim to have science and clinical proof to support the success of their claim. One of the manufacturers went as far as to claim his wife was able to improve and irregular menstrual cycle. The experts in the article did not denounce the claims completely; however they did question the scientific research both products claim to have. The bottom line for the experts is that desire cannot be created even with supplements and herbs. Dr.O’ Toole consults with patients who are disillusioned concerning their bodies especially after childbirth. Often they tell Dr. O’Toole they feel less attractive, less desirable, and no longer have the desire to be intimate. Many are concerned that their breasts are sagging and have lost volume. Many have an abdomen with loose skin and stretch marks. Dr. O’Toole encourages his patients and lets them know that he can perform an abdominoplasty, which will remove the loose skin on the abdomen and tighten the muscles underneath. This will allow him to create an abdomen that often times is flatter than it was prior to having children. For the breast Dr. O’Toole will typically recommend a breast lift combined with breast augmentation. Dr. O’Toole offers both silicone and saline implants and will make a recommendation based on each patient’s individual needs. Patients should never feel undesirable because of their looks. Dr. O’Toole helps patients to not only look good but also to feel as though they look desirable.


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