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Woman with a migraine There is a term for going to work while sick called presenteeism; the opposite of absenteeism. Going to work sick comes at a cost to the employee, the department, and the entire company.According to a recent online article attending work while ill – is not always a smart choice for individuals or the organizations for which they work. It is entirely possible that a worker who is ill may be present physically, but mentally he or she might as well be home in bed. According to the article those most likely to go to work while ill were teachers and caregivers. Workers who were involved in team projects were also likely to show up even though they were not feeling well, so as not to shirk their responsibility on the team. The workers most likely to miss work were union employees and those involved in an industry where unemployment is very low.According to the article it is difficult to quantify the exact cost when employees are present yet sick because unlike being absent you cannot apply a direct dollar figure to their reduced productivity. The study also did not take into account if workers ended up missing work anyway because they never devoted time to rest and get well when they initially became sick. Dr. O’Toole is careful to remind patients who were scheduled for surgery to avoid situations  where they may be likely to pick up a cold or the flu. Patients are encouraged to take vitamins, eat right, rest, and exercise up to their surgery date. Patients who are scheduled for procedures such as abdominoplasty, facelift, or thigh lift need to be prepared for recovery of about two weeks. While this will not be spent entirely in bed, it is likely that the patient will be resting and sedentary for much of the time. Catching a cold or the flu ,especially during the recovery period following these procedures, can cause the patient to be extremely uncomfortable and compromise the patient recovery experience. While it is impossible to avoid every avenue to catch a cold, it is possible to reduce the chances.Dr. O’Toole provides thorough easy-to-understand instructions for patients both prior to surgery and after surgery to help ensure the best patient experience possible.


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